Baker helps you create a connection with your customers from the moment they first step into your store, turning them into loyal, brand advocates.

Many vendors have sold outside "solutions" to the cannabis industry. As a result, dispensaries are running on a hodgepodge of systems. To make matters worse, none of these systems talk to each other, costing your staff time, and your dispensary money. These vendors don't understand the cannabis industry and its inherent challenges, but we do. Running a dispensary is not like running your local pizza shop. We know cannabis and created smart products to help you run your dispensary smarter.

In retail, 50% of the customers that walk into a store will never return. In cannabis, where almost all shoppers are anonymous, the rate is even higher. Our iPad Checkin tablets are designed to work well in any store layout.

Checkin & Loyalty

Use our Checkin tablets to:

  • Set up a raffle or loyalty program to catch your shoppers’ attention
  • Grow your customer list and learn about their preferences
  • Build brand loyalty and watch visitors turn into repeat customers


Connect SMS & Email

With Connect messaging, you can:

  • Use our built-in filters to reach specific customers; send the right message to the right person
  • Create and share your promos or strain alerts with the click of a button
  • See which messages drive the most revenue - and send more of them!


3/4 of dispensary owners sign up for Baker after seeing a demo.
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4 in 5 shoppers will do an online search before visiting a dispensary, and 25% won't visit your dispensary if they’re concerned with product availability. Take advantage of these trends by inviting your customers to shop on your website, turning page views into dollars.

Online Shopping

Accept orders online to:

  • Serve 7x more happy customers during rush hour
  • Generate revenue right from your website with our easy-embed widget
  • Keep your customers on your own site, making your brand the star of the show


Insights Dashboard


the most popular days and times of the week for your business


your customers’ favorite products and know when to alert them


all your retail data with ease, or call on our team of experts for help

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within ten weeks.