September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
3/30/17 6:31 PM


Great work on hitting our sales goal this month, team! Special shout-out to Alex for closing our first producer, Dark Heart Nursery in CA. Scott closed Karing Kind in Boulder for 12 months. High five to Mollie on locking down the demo. Joel closed Monarch Medical Dispensary & Wellness Center in AZ for 12 months.


Customer Success

It was a big week of product usage: the highest connect, most number of orders placed, and most visitors. We are working really hard on getting ready for the new app release as well the delivery rollout, thanks for everyone’s support.



Please check out the calendar to see when the NCIA quarterly caucus is happening in your region, and mark your calendar to attend.



Our newest team member, Sean, will be joining us in Denver on Monday (3/6). He will be work on infrastructure improvements alongside Eric.



We are growing! Take a look at our open positions and send any qualified candidates our way (start with an email introduction between the candidate and Jillian). Feel free to share the link on your social media - don’t forget that you get a referral bonus of $500!



- Another big week for product! Major updates include:

- App in it's final hour with launch still set for the 7th. Please tell clients the 8th.

- Kris ran QA testing over the last week and thank you everyone for the awesome bug reports - all have been fixed already thanks to our all-star dev team

- Connect 2.0 designs underway and will be collaborating more closely with CS to nail this page, which will also constitute the first page in the Kitchen overhaul

- OnFleet integration v1 is done with territory management by ZIP. Further updates on rollout to come.

- Store Locator designs and spec complete, ready for dev team to start on the 14th, for release by end of March

- Updates to the bug reporting system are coming next week, please stay tuned but continue using the form as you were for now


On the Calendar

3/6 - Sean’s First Day in Denver!

NCIA Caucus Dates

Northeast – Cambridge, MA – Tuesday, April 11 – REGISTER NOW

Washington – Seattle, WA – Tuesday, April 11 – REGISTER NOW

Colorado – Boulder, CO – Thursday, April 13 – REGISTER NOW

Oregon – Portland, OR – Tuesday, April 18 – REGISTER NOW

Tri-State – Jersey City, NJ – Tuesday, April 18 – REGISTER NOW

No. California – San Francisco, CA – Tuesday, April 25 – REGISTER NOW

So. California – West Hollywood, CA – Thursday, April 27 – REGISTER NOW

Midwest – Ann Arbor, MI – Thursday, April 27 – REGISTER NOW



In The News

A Cannabis Gym is Opening in San Francisco (A.V. Club)


According to Power Plant’s website, the company hopes to buck the stereotype of regular cannabis uses as lazy stoners. Opening in May, Power Plant offers “cannabis performance-assessments, weed-assisted fitness plans, and Power Plant’s own line of edibles".


The 'Tesla of cannabis' is opening a massive, custom-built marijuana greenhouse (Yahoo! Finance)


Tantalus Labs, which could start selling product as early as 2018, has wrapped construction on a state-of-the-art cultivation site designed to give marijuana plants the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing.

New Cannabis Gum Hits the Market — But It Doesn’t Get You High (LA Weekly)

CanChew Plus features CBD […] and gets its CBD from industrial hemp. CanChew Plus is the second iteration of Anastassov’s CBD gum. The original was unveiled three years ago. The latest spearmint-flavored version releases more CBD. After hours of chewing the original version, 50 percent of the CBD remained in it, while users now will get 80 percent of the compound within 30 minutes of chewing.