September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
6/30/17 4:29 PM

Your weekly digest of everything "Baker". If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to Maria.


"F*ck yeah!" Carter walked in with her head high this morning alongside Justin, who threw on a fancy shirt, in celebration of a strong start to hitting our goal for the end of the quarter. Congrats to Ryan B, Scott, and Claire for getting us off to a strong start today! 


Customer Success

Baker has 20 coordinated campaigns with Pax for their upcoming price drop. Here's a message from Glenn about the Pax promotions:

"Pax is discounting their Pax Era device from $60 to $20 at all vendors in Colorado. Head to Native Roots, Lightshade, Ajoya, Ballpark Holistic, The Kind Room, Medicine Man, the Station, Smokin Gun, or Doc's Apothecary to take advantage of this deal. Each vendor will most likely have a different deal on the Pax Era, but they range from BOGO pods to penny pods or 20% off a pod. Check your texts to see what deal is best!"

*Note* Please be sure to make this purchase online!



There are 5 upcoming events next month:

  • Washington Cannabis Caucus - ( July 11th Seattle, WA)
  • Kushmarket Place Portland - (July 12th Portland, OR)
  • Vangst Career Fair - (July 16th Denver, CO)
  • DispensaryNext Expo - (July 17th - 18th Denver, CO)
  • Sunset in the Sky - (July 17th Denver, CO)

July will be a wild month for Marketing, so please make sure to shower Eli and Maria with love, support, and expensive bottles of wine (just kidding!). Marketing will let you know which events you will be staffing well in advance.  



The Green Bits issue is solved, hallelujah! The solution is currently in place, we are now just waiting for them to give us more from their API. Props to Jesse for being a huge help on this!  Patient Intake is on target and the design is on the way. Julie has begun her first major project: Store Locator. 



It has been less than two weeks since our last new hires started  (Maria & Sara), and we have four new members on the Baker Team! Ryan M will be joining the Product team to work on enhancing our website, blog, helpdesk, updates, landing pages, ROI + much more. Joe has joined the Engineering team and will be helping with APIs. Ryan B will be the new manager of CS. Caitlin will be joining the ranks as a CS Manager. Stay tuned for their New Hire Profiles...



There is a ton of awesome stuff happening on the Product team! Ryan M is working on a new design for the product page, and Alex is creating a new process for bug and feature requests. The Sales team will have access to review, add comments, etc. with bug and feature requests via Pivotal Tracker.

Julie is designing new tradeshow booth graphics, while Kris is enhancing the Patient Intake Form and working on a print menu. 24-hour ordering is in hot demand, and David is working to bring it to life.

Moving forward, instead of holding demo meetings for new clients, the Product team is generating a video training page for internal use only.



Marc released his first product, Cell Collect, and Glenn is now launching Cell Collect with clients.

Jillian has brought in 6 new hires within the past two weeks! Rockstar!

Eli bowled the highest score Wednesday night. Go team Baked!


 Other baker news

Health, dental, and vision insurance will begin tomorrow, July 1st. The company will be paying for 100% of this, woo hoo! Open enrollment for those who chose not to enroll or don't have medical benefits  yet will start in December.