September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
7/7/17 12:55 PM

Your weekly digest of everything "Baker". If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to Maria.


Momentum is still going strong since last week. Congrats to Justin, Rico and Scott for continuing to drive sales. 


Customer Success

An update on loyalty details from Harborside will be here soon. The Pax campaign is coming along great; expect a message from Glenn about all the hot deals. Remeber to order online, OR ELSE!



There are 6 upcoming events beginning next week:

  • Vendor Sesh - (July 10th Newport Beach, CA)
  • Washington Cannabis Caucus - ( July 11th Seattle, WA)
  • Kushmarket Place Portland - (July 12th Portland, OR)
  • Vangst Career Fair - (July 16th Denver, CO)
  • DispensaryNext Expo - (July 17th - 18th Denver, CO)
  • Sunset in the Sky - (July 17th Denver, CO)

Maria will contact you directly if you are needed to staff any of the events. She will also put an event training meeting on your calendar. 



The Green Bits POS integration is back up to par with the rest of the integrations. Treez has delivered final documentation about their API availability. We will receive an update on the process sometime next week. Engineering is also planning to tap into building BioTrack's API for the online menu system. 



We will have 5 new Baker team members joining us on Monday:

Trey Richardson, Senior Project Manager

Ryan Meloy, Web Designer

Ryan Ballein, Manager of Customer Success

Caitlin Rabideau, Customer Success Manager

Joe Curlee, Senior Backend Engineer



The Patient Intake Form is currently being published thanks to all the help from the Engineers! Store Locator will launch next Thursday. David is working on 24-hour ordering, which will be released asap. 



The entire Dev Team for shorting the timeline for Store Locator!

Rachel for working extremely hard onboarding 39 new clients!

Jesse for working on Green Bits while Roger was away!

Roger for making a ton of progress on Green Bits last Monday!


 Other baker news

Please send your survey to Joel by EOD today!

We have a full schedule coming up this Thursday, with lots of presentations from each department. Joel will send over the final schedule to everyone soon.