September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
7/21/17 10:45 AM

Your weekly digest of everything "Baker". If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to Maria.


"There are gummies in our future!" Sales got word from Wana that they are hopping on board of the Baker Train. Brands are also a key focus this week, with three brand meetings happening today.

An Inside Sales position is open, and Carter asks to refer anyone you know who may be a fit to her for a reward. This week may have been slow, but brace yourselves....the last week of the month is coming...


Customer Success

Glenn has asked all remote employees to send him clients that may want to partner up with us. Yesterday, we onboarded 1906, and they are the first non-beta client to get on the platform!

Dixie is now live with Store Locator, which you can see here. Also, Flowhub should be functional starting today. 



Phew! The past two weeks have been jam-packed with events, and we are finally done with the craziness (for now). The events have resulted in 173 leads and 13 demos in just 12 days.

Marketing is also creating a Brand Marketing Platform deck for the sales team. 



Sean is working his buns off on API updates and new integrations. He is currently developing an interpretation layer to ingest data, normalize, and provide testing in order to identify problems.

Sean is also integrating Treez with our system. Eventually, POS systems will be allowed to sync themselves with us and get us to point where we are no longer begging for API access. Woo hoo! 



8 new positions are opening on the Baker Team. We are also looking to hire some folks to help in Romania. The UI job will be on the website today, so please share on your social pages! In addition, the "jobs" page is now a "career" page



Alex has created a system to streamline the process of fixing bugs and product requests. This is helping to organize all requests and track each project's progress.

Patient Intake is on stage and currently being QA tested. 24-hour ordering is on deck, but in the meantime enhancing its design. 



 Matt is managing 160+ accounts and still keeps a smile on his face.

David, so graciously, let us hold Sunset in the Sky at his home on Monday. 

Carter set up 4 demos while at the Vangst Career Fair. 


 Other baker news

Please refrain from mentioning anything about Headset and how we are leveraging their technology. For now, cell store locator is the same. Remeber, if something is not on our website then we do not share it!



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