September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
8/4/17 11:23 AM

Your weekly digest of everything "Baker". If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to Maria.


July was rough, and the Sales Team did not hit their number for the first time "since it mattered". In order to avoid this in the future, they are focusing more on their pipeline and ensuring that they have at least 3 times their quota. A new inside sales person would also help this issue. If anyone knows a candidate please let Carter know!


Customer Success

A new, 90-day client roadmap is in the works. This will help create a smooth handoff between sales and onboarding, and make sure new clients engage quickly with the platform.

This team is also looking to expand by hiring a support person to work on weekends/evenings. Let them know if you have someone in mind. 



The Cell Collect page is on the website, the Brand Marketing landing page is finished, and the Sales Deck is changing the way the Sales Team demos. 

Eli's meeting with Flowhub went well, and the sync with them will be announced soon. 

There is also a webinar next Friday - Cannabis Marketing Webinar. 



There has been a delay to launching Patient Intake. The Engineering Team is making sure the process is correct and are fixing bugs. This should be ready to go live early next week.  

We are psyched to have a female joining the devs! Daria will be our new, front-end developer starting August 14th.  Interviews with possible back-end developers are still in process. 



There are still lots of job openings on our website. Please click this link and share on your profiles! 



Patient Intake has some bugs as well, but thankfully Jesse is working on getting everything fixed by Monday. Starting next week, the Product Team will reveal the new bug tracking/feature request process which will allow the ability to see all details about the stage of your requests. 

Keep an eye out for any UI/UX candidate for this team!



Jillian for being the "Hustler Queen" and helping CS find potential candidates to join their team. 

Roger and Joel for making Baker look awesome at the Harborside meeting. 

Glenn for consistently representing our brand wherever he goes. 


 Other baker news

There have been complaints from WeWork regarding our team vaping inside the building. Please go outside or into a hallway where no one else can see you if you absolutely need a puff!