September Updates

Eli Sklarin, Marketing Director at Baker
8/11/17 10:38 AM

Your weekly digest of everything "Baker". If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to Maria.


Tiered pricing is rolling out with various packages: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. This will now give prospects options, rather than forcing them for a "yes" or '"no" response.

Sadly, Ryan Bodlaender will be leaving Baker. He has been a wonderful asset to this company, and we wish him the best!


Customer Success

A new CSM, Matt LaBelle, is starting on September 5th! Woo hoo!

Rachel is out next week, so please direct all of your onboarding questions to Ryan or Alex.

A new project is in the works that will make every onboarding call more intimate and streamline the entire process of how we bring on new clients.



We gained a whopping 587% ROI from the DispensaryNext Expo and 560% from Sunset in the Sky! There are more events coming up, so let's strive to keep ROI percentages high.

Please engage as much as possible on social media by sharing/liking/commenting on posts and getting your friends to follow our pages. Also, if you have ideas for a blog or would like to write a blog, contact Maria.



Two new developers, Trey and Daria, will be joining the Baker Team on Monday.

Jesse will be beginning to focus on data and analytics that the rest of us can't get our hands on. He plans to set up an org in Trello in order to build out this roadmap.

Roger wants to remind everyone that if you haven't gotten lunch or a drink with him, to please reach out and make a plan. He thinks it is important to connect with all of us outside of the office.



Jillian is in desperate need of an assistant. If you have anyone in mind, please let her know. 


Business Development

We have signed an agreement with Adilas and should expect a formal integration soon. 



Thanks to Trey, a new product planning and managing process is developing. The Product Team will be meeting weekly about building out this process in order to ensure we are top in the marketplace.

Patrick, a good friend of Roger's, will be joining the Product Team on Monday as well.



Alex for being available to every department for any issues we come across.

Joe for quickly becoming instrumental in learning the system and helping to fix bugs.

Ryan Ballein for taking lead on making the onboarding process better for everyone.


 Other baker news

We are creeping on $9M in revenue at the moment. We are optimistic about reaching $10M soon!