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16 Holiday Ideas For Dispensaries (Beyond Sales)

Throughout the year, a sale is often enough to make a customer buy from you instead of another dispensary. During the holiday season, when every cannabis retailer puts on a big sale, a simple discount may not be enough to stand out from your competitors. Beyond the basic promotions, these ideas and insights will help you stand out and maximize your success this holiday season.

Holiday Promotions

1. When it comes to strategy, it's best to keep select a couple promotions instead of picking all of the different deals and promos you can think of. This way you can really reinforce that message throughout your store, website and social media

2. It’s gift-giving season, so promote your BOGO sales as “buy one get one for a friend.”

3. Provide a gift wrapping service as an extra added bonus for your dispensary customers. To learn more holiday promotion tips, read this chapter of the 2018 Holiday Guide for Cannabis Retailers. 

Dispensary promotions isn't the only marketing strategy this holiday season

Decorations and Merchandising

4. You will need to create space for these decorations, so use this as an opportunity to clear clutter in your dispensary showroom.

5. Place high-margin gifts on raised displays to make these stand out to your customers.

6. Create gift sets. Pair a medicated product with how you use it. For example, pair a medicated bath bomb with a loofa and candle.

holiday decoration tip for dispensaries and cannabis businesses

Dispensary Gift Guide

7. Create a gift guide to showcase your dispensary’s holiday offerings. 

8. Host this gift guide on a landing page on your website, so you can drive all traffic from promotions to this page – such as on social media, in a newsletter or blog, or in a targeted SMS message to customers.

Holiday Swag

9. Brand holiday and winter apparel and accessories such as Christmas stockings, hats and gloves that people will use this season.


Holiday Blog Images

Products and Inventory

We partnered with Headset, a leading analytics service provider for the cannabis industry to help us provide you with insights to help you make more informed decisions this holiday season. Read what they found in this chapter of the 2018 Holiday Guide. 

10. Expect pre-roll, edible and beverage sales to rise. You may have seen a drop in sales of these products over the last couple of months, but according to the data, sales in these categories will pick up in November and December.

11. Sell cold weather beverages such as coffee, tea and hot cocoa. According to Headset data, these types of beverages spike in sales during winter’s coldest months.

Black Friday

12. Black Friday, according to Headset, is the biggest day for discounts with the average discount on Black Friday being 15%.

13. This is a great time to promote your “buy one get one for a friend” BOGO deal.

14. Don't Cyber Monday as well! Give a special deal to those that order online. A great online promotion for Cyber Monday is offering double loyalty points for all online orders.


How dispensaries can give back to the community this holiday season

Give Back to the Community

15. During such a giving season, it’s a great time to give back to the community. Host an event for charity, or organize a food or coat drive.

16. Organize a volunteering opportunity for you and your staff.



Read the full 2018 Holiday Guide for Cannabis Retailers to learn more tips and tricks for the season. This comprehensive guide features data insights and actionable tips from experts in merchandising and cannabis industry analytics.


2018 Holiday Guide for Cannabis Retailers  

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