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3-Part 'How To' Series – From Dispensary Application to Expansion

This 3-part series will guide you through every business stage of the dispensary life cycle. Whether you're a future cannabis retailer or a current dispensary owner...there's a part for you. It features inside tips from consultants and other experienced experts in the cannabis industry. 

Part 1 covers the process of prepping for and submitting your cannabis retail license application. Part 2 covers the list of things you need to do before you open. Part 3 covers how to refresh your marketing strategy as the market matures and expands in your state. 


Blog - 3 part series timeline

Part 1  Cannabis Retail License Application

Application Timeline and Process | How long do states typically give applicants to submit their apps after the state releases it to the public? What is the process like and order or events?

Application Preparation - Standard Requirements | What sections are common among almost all state's cannabis retail license applications?

Application Preparation - Unusual Requirements | What are some examples of not so typical sections?

Standing Out From the Crowd - How Baker Helps | How can you really stand out to those evaluating applications? What are some inside tips to getting your dispensary license approved?


Part 2   Prepare to Open

When You Open Prematurely | What are the most common problems you might face if you open too soon? This expert consultant weighs in!

How to Know When You're Ready to Open in Any Market - Medical or Recreational | What is the one question you can ask yourself to know if your dispensary is 100% ready to open its doors?

Steps to Open a Dispensary | A checklist of steps, and timeline of events from when your application is approved, to when you can open.


Part 3  Marketing Strategy for Expansion

Build a Customer Loyalty Strategy | Why regulars to your dispensary are key to your success with expansion

Optimize Your Data and Operations | What marketing and customer data do you need in order to make 'smart' campaign decisions?

The Expanding Consumer Market | As the face of the cannabis consumer changes, how should you adapt your targeting and messaging tactics?




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