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Key Tips in Maintaining Operational Efficiency at Your Dispensary

The head developer of the Ford Mustang, Lee Iacocca once said, “In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits.”

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9 Mistakes for Cannabis Businesses to Avoid During Software Onboarding

Business leaders in the cannabis industry look to technology to improve their team productivity and efficiency. However, merely purchasing new software isn’t enough to accomplish this. Onboarding your new technology the right way, so that your staff can use it effectively, is key.

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3-Part 'How To' Series – From Dispensary Application to Expansion

This 3-part series will guide you through every business stage of the dispensary life cycle. Whether you're a future cannabis retailer or a current dispensary owner...there's a part for you. It features inside tips from consultants and other experienced experts in the cannabis industry. 

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16 Holiday Ideas For Dispensaries (Beyond Sales)

Throughout the year, a sale is often enough to make a customer buy from you instead of another dispensary. During the holiday season, when every cannabis retailer puts on a big sale, a simple discount may not be enough to stand out from your competitors. ...

How Dispensaries Convert First-Time Buyers into Lifetime Customers

The moment that someone sees your advertisement or social media post for the first time, they have the potential to become a customer. Everything that goes into finding and attracting these customers to your dispensary is customer acquisition. This blog ...

Using Cannabis for Wellness: How to Market to This Consumer

As medical cannabis grows in popularity, the recreational use of cannabis for medicinal purposes also continues to grow. With the rise of ‘cannabis wellness,’ how should dispensaries change their marketing strategies, customer communications and product ...

Why Events Are Crucial For Medical Dispensary Marketing

Events and community involvement are key elements to any successful medical dispensary marketing plan. Though events are helpful for many cannabis businesses, they are especially important for medical dispensaries in emerging markets – where cannabis and ...

Marketing Strategy for Expanding Dispensaries

As the cannabis market matures, dispensaries face rising competition, market saturation and evolving consumer demographics. To address these challenges, dispensaries should consider doing a messaging and marketing strategy ‘refresh.’

Faster Dispensary Transactions for a Better Customer Experience

In the competitive cannabis industry, customer experience is key for growth and survival. Speed up transaction times to provide an enhanced customer experience, and increase sales.
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