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Key Tips in Maintaining Operational Efficiency at Your Dispensary

The head developer of the Ford Mustang, Lee Iacocca once said, “In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits.”

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9 Mistakes for Cannabis Businesses to Avoid During Software Onboarding

Business leaders in the cannabis industry look to technology to improve their team productivity and efficiency. However, merely purchasing new software isn’t enough to accomplish this. Onboarding your new technology the right way, so that your staff can use it effectively, is key.

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3-Part 'How To' Series – From Dispensary Application to Expansion

This 3-part series will guide you through every business stage of the dispensary life cycle. Whether you're a future cannabis retailer or a current dispensary owner...there's a part for you. It features inside tips from consultants and other experienced experts in the cannabis industry. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Running a Successful Event

Event marketing is an effective way for cannabis businesses to reach new audiences and build loyalty among existing customers. Whether you’d like to attend and have a booth at an event, sponsor or even host your own cannabis event, these tips will help ...

5 Strategies to Acquire New Consumer Demographics

As the consumption of cannabis for medicinal purposes increases, there's a need for recreational dispensaries to find new ways to attract a more diverse consumer demographic. These growing consumer demographics require a different marketing approach than ...

Capture & Keep: The Benefits of Customer Acquisition and Retention for Dispensaries

When you first opened your dispensary, your primary marketing focus was likely on acquiring new customers, which is appropriate for a new business.  You can't be successful without customers coming in the door.  However, if you have your eye on long-term ...

Powerful SMS Campaign Tips to Grow your Dispensary Business

Cannabis dispensaries face some unique challenges as far as businesses go. This has been true with everything from taxes to banking, partially thanks to the lack of federal legalization. Email marketing and social media can be challenging for ...

Increase Revenue for Your Dispensary with Kiosks

You can use self-checkout at Target and the grocery store. Banks long ago adopted ATMs and online banking. And, now restaurants are discovering the benefits to self-checkout and self-service. Dispensaries are primed to reap the same benefits through the ...

Why Every Dispensary Should Have Online Ordering

By 2021, online sales are predicted to account for over 15% of all sales made worldwide. In 2017, online shoppers spent a total of $5.03 billion on Black Friday alone.   When you think of selling products online, dispensaries don't often come to mind. ...

Four Marketing Metrics Every Retailer Should Track

Knowing which marketing metrics to track as a retailer is critical. At times it can be overwhelming to know which metrics you should be watching and what your results mean. In this blog post, we'll look at four key marketing metrics for dispensaries and ...

When Your Customers Stop Coming Back

There a is big issue plaguing retailers – half of all customers don't return. When customers don't come back for a repeat purchase, it is known as customer churn. Out of all industries, retail has the highest customer churn rate. Due to this alarming ...

Tips for Getting Repeat Business During the Holiday Season

As consumers get into the holiday spirit, we can expect to enjoy a peak in cannabis sales. According to recent trends, consumers still prefer cannabis shopping at brick-and-mortar stores over online purchases. Despite this purchasing trend, cannabis ...

Four Marketing Tips to Boost Retail Sales

The Cannabis revolution has begun, and the competition in this industry is fierce.As cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, it is crucial to create a unique brand that is memorable and appeals to consumers. Building value in this industry is dependent ...

Our Thoughts: Jared Polis Fundraiser

We Support Jared Polis. Last week, a handful of the Baker team attended the Jared Polis Fundraiser to show our support for his candidacy as Governor of Colorado. The intention was to learn about his campaign and formally meet the representative.

3 Things Successful Dispensaries Do

Some Dispensaries Just Get It. It has only taken the cannabis industry a few years to make a tremendous shift from illegal dealing to sophisticated retail. As this industry begins to mature, the need for dispensaries to separate themselves depends upon ...
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