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What Do the Best Dispensary Websites Have in Common?

Having a website is an essential investment for any business, and the cannabis industry is no different. Everything built online is created to emulate real life interactions, like sharing, relationship and community building, or running a business. The brochures and packets businesses used to distribute to customers in the past are now websites.

The web has made it possible for any new business owner to set up shop online with very little barrier to entry. This is why dispensaries owners need make the investment in their own online presence.

Having a website can do wonderful things for a dispensary. It can help a dispensary build brand loyalty, engage customers, manage online reputation, drive foot traffic, and even generate up to an additional $200,000 a month in revenue.


Brand Reputation

Establishing and managing an online brand reputation is crucial to marketing any new business

A great website is compliant with regulatory standards set for the industry. The website also tells customers about your brand and should have relevant information like hours and location. The best dispensary websites display live inventory and allows for customer online orders. These features help establish trust between the customer and the dispensary.


Keep Customers Engaged

Every business serves customers, but how does one keep customers engaged with its brand?

Websites can be a place to create community, through an email newsletter or a blog. Each action a customer takes, such as commenting on a blog post or sharing it, serves to increase engagement between the customer and the business as well as between fellow customers.


Build a Loyal Following

The right website builds a loyal following

The right website attracts loyal customers. For a long time, a website “conversion” was a customer clicking to make a phone call or find the address, but dispensaries could not track how many of these events generated sales. With new technology, dispensary owners are able to see exactly how much revenue their website generated through tracking. This allows the dispensary to understand its customers to a greater degree.


Easily Accessible Information

A dispensary website needs to be structured so that information is easily accessible for visitors and robots alike to find.

Products are the number one reason that shoppers visit a website and the web page with the most views is the menu. The menu page on a dispensary website should be structured to showcase live inventory of the popular choices, and organized by product type such as pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates or flower. This will ensure a simple and easy navigation experience for your customers. If your products are out of stock, but listed as available and the customer comes into your store, it can cause a poor customer experience, diminishing your brand to your customers.

Dispensaries should ensure their website is indexed by Google and that the location of the business is correct. This can be done by simply embedding a map with a marker on the “Contact” page of the website. Google Maps is designed to work well on desktop or mobile, so there is no reason to create your own and try reinvent the wheel.


Inspiration and Examples

Check out some of our favorite dispensary websites for inspiration 



The time to begin building an online web presence is now, as more dispensaries are joining the digital space every day. All dispensaries need to have a website as it is a great way to market a business, engage with your customers, build brand loyalty, and generates online order revenue.

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