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Dispensary Promo Ideas (That Work)

Promotions are the lifeblood of attracting new customers and winning back old customers for your cannabis business. These special deals and discounts provide opportunities to bring people to your dispensary so they can experience great service and awesome products you have to offer.

You may think coming up with clever promo ideas is difficult or will cost you more than it’s worth when discounting your products. But the reality is that these promotions will increase your sales, boost your dispensary's reputation, and improve customer loyalty.




Let’s take a look at some of the important factors behind running promos and check out some examples you can use at your dispensary.

Importance of Dispensary Promos

As competition in the cannabis industry becomes more saturated, you’ll need to constantly find ways to convince customers why they should come to your dispensary... as opposed to your competitor down the street. Use discounts and special deals to get them through your doors, then convert them into devoted customers with your leading customer experience, quality products, and fun atmosphere.

You can also use your dispensary promos to build brand awareness and motivate consumers to refer their friends to your shop.

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Creative Promo Examples

In the cannabis industry, you can't just do a quick Google search with the hope of finding millions of tactics to create the perfect promo for your dispensary. With numerous restrictions due to compliance in this field, it takes a great deal of time and patience to learn the best practices in cannabis marketing. In order to save you some research time, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most effective promo ideas we've seen our dispensary clients use.



1. Context-Based Promos

Context-based promos often revolve around current events or local experiences. There’s no reason that a rainy or snowy day can’t justify running a spontaneous deal. You can also run promos related to local sports, music festivals, and holidays. As an example, you can offer a discount if a local team gets a win or makes it into the playoffs.




2. Win-Back Campaigns

We all know customers have lives…and life sometimes gets busy. Use your SMS subscriber list to send a text to those customers who haven’t been to your dispensary in over a month. Offer them a deal that’s too hard to pass up.


3. VIP Campaigns

It’s usually an easy task to identify your dispensary’s top consumers. They’re the most loyal customers who frequently visit your shop and buy the most product. Try running a seasonal campaign that gives these VIPs special treatment. This could be discounts, free merchandise, a behind-the-scenes grow tour, or a special VIP-only customer appreciation event.




4. Slow Time Deals

For most cannabis retail stores, mornings and early afternoons tend to be quieter than evenings. To redistribute dispensary traffic and reduce lines during busy hours, you can create special offers that encourage customers to come in during slow hours. You can run promos that offer 20% off an item, or double loyalty points to anyone who comes in before 2pm. This will reduce your evening traffic, allowing you to service more customers, more evenly throughout the day.




Still having trouble getting creative with your dispensary promos? Check out these tips that will help you get your creative juices flowing.

Where to Promote

One of the most important aspects of these promotions is how you market them. How will your customers know about the promotions you're offering? More often than not, putting up a hand-painted sign in your window won’t be enough to bring in the flow of customers you’re looking to attract. To be more effective, use each of the following marketing tactics:

  • Online - Promote your current discounts on your website’s online menu and then share them on each of your social media profiles.
  • Mobile - Possibly the best option to promote to your customers is by text message. The Baker Connect SMS messaging system is the perfect way to collect customer information, plan and execute these promotions.
  • Advertisements - Try placing ads in local newsletters, cannabis publications or even placing flyers in neighboring stores.
  • In-person - Use professional digital signage at your dispensary and incorporate self-serve kiosk menus that display your deals. Also ensure your team members are aware of current promotions, so they can share the deals with customers who come in.

Crafting the Perfect Text Message

If you want to use text messaging as a means of communicating your promotions to customers, there are some key details to include with each message. Make sure every message provides the reader with the following information: who you are, the timeframe of the promotion, and the details of the deal. We also always recommend that you include a link to your website’s online menu. This makes it easy for the customer to immediately place a preorder as soon as they receive the message – the easier you make it to order, the better!




Baker’s Connect tool is a great solution to making these text campaigns simple and successful. It allows you to pre-schedule text messages, filter your target audience, and save your budtenders the time it would take to do everything manually.

Give these suggestions a shot the next time you are planning out dispensary promo ideas. If you need help coming up with something, be sure to request a demo from Baker to see how our tools can make your plans a success.


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