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4 Fulfillment Options to Improve Your Dispensary Operations

Most people are already familiar with buying cannabis straight from a store or patient specialist. While many people enjoy an in-person experience, others prefer the convenience and privacy of online ordering. By expanding your dispensary fulfillment options, dispensaries can make their operations more efficient, increase revenue and provide a better customer experience.

If you can find more ways to get the product into your customers' hands, then you can increase your revenue. Through the following online and offline fulfillment options, you can immediately begin expanding your dispensary operations and customer reach.

1. Delivery

How It Works

Dispensary delivery is certainly a desirable option, but it is not yet available in all markets, due to regulations. In areas where delivery is allowed, dispensaries can deliver cannabis directly to their customers’ homes.


In areas where delivery is allowed, dispensaries can deliver cannabis directly to their customers’ homes.


Right now, many states do not allow cannabis to be delivered. In addition to Canada, there are some U.S. states that allow dispensaries to provide home delivery. It is more common for medical cannabis. However, delivery has been a hot topic and we can only expect it to expand in the future.


For your dispensary operations, deliveries are an excellent way to while keeping costs down. You can reach new customers who usually dislike visiting a storefront or prefer the convenience of home delivery. Unlike in-person clients, you do not have sudden, unexpected rushes of customers in your store.

This means you can plan ahead for labor and scheduling. It also allows you to provide a better overall customer experience. If you are in one of the few states that allow deliveries, it is certainly a fulfillment option to take advantage of.


2. E-Commerce and Online Ordering

How It Works

Online ordering offers clients a higher level of convenience and comfort. Instead of feeling pressured or rushed to make a decision at the dispensary, they can relax and review options privately in their own homes. Online ordering is also useful because it helps clients place orders for their favorite products and pick them up from an express pickup line.

Even if you decide that online ordering isn’t for you, it’s smart to at least have a white-labeled menu on your website where customers can browse your available products on their own time.


Like most cannabis-related topics, the biggest fulfillment concern for dispensaries is compliance and regulations. However, the majority of legalized states allow online ordering or online product reservations. Patients or customers can browse products from a menu on your website, place the reservation for selected products and get a notification when their order is ready to be picked up and paid for. This avoids further wait times, making customers more satisfied with their experience.


Over half of Americans prefer to shop online. Here's how dispensaries can utilize this


Over half of Americans prefer to shop online. They can do it anywhere, anytime. If you do not have an online ordering menu on your website, you could be missing out on new business and customer loyalty.

Online ordering allows clients to luxuriously check out each product without worrying about the next person in line and having to make a rash decision. If you have an express pickup location in your store, it also allows clients to get in and get out quickly. Your business earns more revenue when it operates efficiently and provides a better customer experience.


3. Express Pickup

How It Works

This concept is a popular application for speedy fulfillment in dispensaries. With this option, clients can go directly to the fast lane instead of waiting in a line of customers with a million questions for the budtenders. Customers can order online from home, or on the go with their mobile phones so that by the time they arrive, their order is ready and they can skip the line.


There really are none. You’ll just have to determine where your express line should be located and set up an operating procedure for this fulfillment process. You will of course also need to set up a way for customers to place these express orders. This can be through online ordering, or through an in-store kiosk, which we will discuss shortly.


here's why every dispensary should have an express pickup line.


When a client knows what they want, standing behind other customers is tedious and frustrating. If the line is long enough, the client may even leave instead of making a purchase. Express pickup boosts customer satisfaction and helps the dispensary speed up their transaction times.

It also helps your dispensary effectively utilize your available staff and resources. When clients order online, your budtenders can efficiently prepare their order and set it aside for their arrival.


4. In-Store Kiosk Ordering

How It Works

If you want happy customers, this is one of the best dispensary fulfillment options. With this option, you place kiosks with an interactive menu throughout your dispensary. This is easy to set up with just an iPad and the Baker CRM platform.

Clients can skip the normal consultation with the budtender if they know exactly what they want. They can scroll through the menu and place their order. Soon, after their order is ready, they will get a text message saying their order is ready to be picked up in the express line.


place kiosks with an interactive menu throughout your dispensary for a speedy fulfillment option


Obviously, some clients are less familiar with technology and digital interfaces. For these clients, a standard consultation with a budtender might be the best option. Some clients may also prefer human interactions to digital ones.


However, by having in-store kiosks, you can give the tech-savvy customers what they want, giving you more time for staff to spend with the customers who want it. It is certainly ideal for clients who would rather use a digital interface than a person-to-person interaction to shop. Best of all, this speeds up the number of customers you can process per hour (your daily transactions) while boosting overall customer satisfaction.


The end goal of your expanding your dispensary fulfillment options is to get your products to your customers.


Whether you add dispensary delivery or online ordering, the end goal of your expanding your dispensary fulfillment options is to get your product into the hands of more customers. Each fulfillment option caters to a different type of customer. In-person shopping and human interaction work well for some customers, but other clients prefer the convenience of online options.

 A new fulfillment option helps more than just customer satisfaction levels. With options like online ordering and express kiosks, you can actually increase the number of customers your budtenders process per hour. For your business to continue growing, you need the right fulfillment options for your dispensary clients.

If you’d like to learn more ways to set your dispensary up for greater success, be sure to check out our blog and recorded webinars from experts in the cannabis industry.

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