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How to Make the Most of Halloween at Your Dispensary

Halloween is almost upon us! If you prepare your dispensary for the holiday in advance, not only will you see an increase in sales, but you can also develop some great memories with your staff.

Halloween may not be your typical 'shopping holiday,' but it’s often a booming time for dispensaries. From binge-watching scary movies to feasting on buckets of candy, many of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday go hand in hand with cannabis use. And since there’s an uptick in parties and events around this time, dispensaries tend to find themselves more busy than usual.

With the ever-growing competition out there, you need to ensure your dispensary stands out among the crowd. Along with putting up spooky decor, you can offer Halloween promotions that will keep customers coming back to your store beyond this one time of year. Here are some tips for running a smooth and successful Halloween at your dispensary.

1. Promote Early

Your customers may not be aware of the Halloween discounts you’re offering, so make sure you start messaging your subscribers and promoting your deals in advance. You can use the Connect SMS messaging tool from the Baker CRM platform to send targeted text blasts to your customers.


promote deals in advance through targeted SMS messaging


The same way people buy candy for trick-or-treating in advance, dispensary customers tend to stock up on everything they’ll need for the holiday in advance. Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, it's likely that people will be making their cannabis purchases the weekend right before Halloween.

2. Ways to Get Festive

Make this season fun and memorable for both staff and customers by coming up with some festive Halloween dispensary ideas. Promote general discounts of course, but you can also offer specialty products that relate to the theme of Halloween.

You can sell a range of spooky strains such as Ghost OG or Jack the Ripper, or find other Halloween-themed accessories to add to your product selection. Another creative idea is to run a special 'Trick-or-Tweet' rewards promo for loyal customers that tag or check into your dispensary on social media like Twitter or Instagram. You can also run a raffle or drawing with a Halloween-themed reward, like haunted house tickets.


spooky strains to add to your product selection


3. Control Store Traffic

You can expect for your dispensary to be busier than usual around Halloween. You’ll need to think of creative ways to manage the crowds when wait times are on the rise. No one wants to visit a dispensary if they have to deal with a long line.

To avoid this, you can offer early-bird deals to customers who show up in the first few hours of the day or any other typically slow time. In-store kiosks have become extremely useful for dispensaries as they are a self-service option for customers to browse your cannabis products, place orders, and skip ahead to an express pickup line. This of course will reduce transaction times that will keep that line short and enable you to make more transactions in any given day. 



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4. Prepare Your Inventory

Talk with your suppliers about ordering more product than usual, and if possible, opt for some of the “spooky strains” mentioned above. This is one of the best Halloween dispensary ideas that some business owners miss out on. Aside from Black Widow, there’s also White Widow, Alien OG, Ghost Train Haze, White Fire, Zombie Haze, and many others that are appropriate for this spooky holiday.




Single-use products typically are more popular around holidays, so stock up on pre-rolled joints and edibles.

5. Prep Your Staff

Things can get stressful for both management and employees when the dispensary gets busy. This is inevitable, but there are some things you can do to help. Be sure to keep your staff pumped up and feeling festive. A couple of ways to do this is to treat them with goodies like coffee, donuts, or even Halloween candy. Determine whether you need to schedule a few extra people to get you through the increased traffic due to your Halloween dispensary promotions.


Get your staff prepped for heavy traffic and keep morale high


Boost morale and give your team something to look forward to at the end of the night by throwing your own Halloween party after the dispensary closes. If a party isn’t your style, find another way to say thank you to your staff who worked hard during this time. Showing your appreciation will also help boost morale for the other holidays coming up!

6. Celebrate the Big Day

Keep your Halloween dispensary promotions running on the actual holiday with discounts or  gifts to customers that show up in costume. On top of delivery and online orders (in the markets that allow it), it still may be busy in your store, so consider referring guests to your in-store kiosks to save time.

Things will slow down as the night moves forward, so prepare to let some of your employees off early, giving them time to enjoy their holiday evening.



celebrate Halloween by offering discounts to dressed up customers


Get Your Halloween Dispensary Promotions Set Up

Don't miss out on the chance to prepare your dispensary for Halloween. It will be here before you know it! Choose some Halloween dispensary promotions you feel will be most effective, and order inventory to prepare for that. 

Check out the Baker blog to learn more dispensary marketing tips and ways to improve your dispensary’s customer experience.



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Your Complete Guide To Dispensary Software

Baker is here for you with a complete guide all around dispensary software to address all of your needs. Download your guide to purchasing software, implementing and optimizing it.

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