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Increase Revenue for Your Dispensary with Kiosks

You can use self-checkout at Target and the grocery store. Banks long ago adopted ATMs and online banking. And, now restaurants are discovering the benefits to self-checkout and self-service. Dispensaries are primed to reap the same benefits through the use of self-service kiosks.

Consumers benefit from the use of kiosks, getting a full view of what's available and an easy and quick way to check out. At the same time, dispensaries benefit from the increased revenue and customer data kiosks can provide.

Customers will likely be immediately familiar, and therefore comfortable, making purchases from a kiosk in your dispensary, especially one based off of a mobile or tablet platform. That's because U.S. consumers are used to using mobile devices, thanks for spending nearly 5 hours a day, on average, on their mobile devices. This means customers will easily understand a well-designed kiosk interface.

Despite the growing legality of sales in the United States, cannabis retail is still something new. Some customers may still feel uncomfortable making purchases in a dispensary, despite your attempts to provide a welcoming shopping environment. But a kiosk removes any perceived judgment from a human salesperson, real or imagined. For instance, when a pizza chain introduced online ordering, customers purchased items that were higher in calories than those ordered with an employee. Any perceived negative judgment was removed from the transaction, allowing customers to order what they really wanted.

Adding to a customer's comfort is speed of checkout and an increased engagement with a dispensary's loyalty program. Customers are able to avoid waiting in line for purchases behind those who need more attention, while at the same time being able to see their store loyalty benefits, use them, or even learn about loyalty programs and sign up as part of the checkout process.

Benefits of Kiosks for Dispensaries
While the benefits to customers in a cannabis retail location are significant, the ones for a dispensary owner are even greater.

For instance, some industries similar to cannabis retail have seen increased average order totals thanks to the use of kiosks. When McDonald's introduced kiosk ordering in their restaurants, they found that the average order was 30% higher than those made at a human run register. Taco Bell saw similar results with online orders, with a 20% order average increase than those taken by cashiers. Most impressive is the results seen at Cinemark theaters who have experienced a per-person increase in concession spending for nearly 8 years straight.

Some of the results seen in food service are because of upsell opportunities and increases in customization. For McDonald's there was a 20% increase in the number of drinks ordered when suggested by the kiosk system as opposed to cashier sales. Some of the reason for this is because a kiosk never forgets to ask if you want fries with that.

But a kiosk can also make custom recommendations based off of chosen products. While a human cashier may not think to recommend a pre-roll to a customer purchasing papers for the first time, a kiosk can marry customer information with current selections to make data-driven recommendations.

In fact, customer data is another benefit dispensaries experience from the use of kiosks. As customers purchase through a kiosk, dispensaries gain purchase data that can be used for market basket analysis, gaining a greater understand of the shopping habits of customers. This information can be used to make affinity recommendations to customers, much like Amazon suggests other items you might be interested in based on those you've added to your cart - information both your employees and kiosks can utilize.

Kiosks usage in dispensaries create a win-win situation for both the customer and the business owner. Customers are provided with a comfortable shopping experience that removes anxieties they might have over a cannabis retail experience. At the time same, dispensary owners gain greater insight into their customers' behaviors while also experiencing increased revenue.


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