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Our Thoughts: Jared Polis Fundraiser

We Support Jared Polis.
Last week, a handful of the Baker team attended the Jared Polis Fundraiser to show our support for his candidacy as Governor of Colorado. The intention was to learn about his campaign and formally meet the representative.


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Baker founder, David Champion, recaps the evening:

1. What were your overall thoughts/takeaways of the fundraiser? Are you glad you attended?

“Many of the big shooters in the industry were there, so it was a great opportunity to network and share in our support for Polis.”

“ It was also an opportunity to meet like-minded business people and proponents of cannabis reform.”


2. What did Baker gain from attending this fundraiser?

“We gained affirmation to our position as vocal supporters of reform. We also had a photoshoot opportunity with Mr.  Polis, which was very special. And you can’t forget the healthy snacks, that was a big plus!”


3. Why do you (and Baker) support Polis? What are your hopes/expectations for him as Governor of Colorado? How will he impact the cannabis industry?

“We appreciate his emphasis on education around legal cannabis trade and consumption. He will help facilitate intelligent alternatives to the black market that focuses on convenience for the user. Overall, his candidacy advocates for entrepreneurship-centric business incentives to regulate cannabis retail.”




Jared Polis plans to take the state into the future with renewable energy, easier access to education, and higher paying jobs for everyone. Plus, he is dedicated to promoting and protecting the cannabis industry. With Jared Polis as Governor, consumers and entrepreneurs in cannabis will become an even more important component of the American economy. 

Click here to learn more about Jared Polis.

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