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Why Dispensaries Are Using In-Store Kiosks

Kiosk technology is rapidly spreading across all retail businesses – with cannabis retailers being no exception. Kiosks are particularly beneficial in dispensaries, as consumer demographics and experience levels vary greatly.

Being a new industry, many consumers are also new to all of the cannabis product offerings. Many of these first-time cannabis consumers don’t know exactly what they want in a product, but talking with a budtender in a new and unfamiliar environment can be intimidating. Self-serve kiosks allow any customer to search for and learn about cannabis products based on their medical condition, desired effects, or even flavors.

Alternatively, repeat customers that know exactly what they want use kiosks to skip the line with express ordering. Providing this convenience and comfortability through dispensary kiosks helps you stand out from the competition, acquire new customers, and build dispensary loyalty.

Customer Acquisition

Most people will do research online before making a purchasing decision. During their selection process, as they search and compare dispensaries, they will typically look for key pieces of information. In addition to product offering, they will make their selection based on the perceived experience they will have in your store. Here are some traits that consumers will look for in a dispensary:


1) Quick and Efficient

This is a fast-paced world, and the average consumer expects to make quick and efficient purchases. This is a big reason why our society has so widely adopted kiosks. We once thought that the drive-thru at the bank was quick and efficient...and now we have ATMs. A dispensary is no different. Customers do not want to spend their day waiting in the dispensary line.


Kiosks take many forms and are found everywhere from ATMs to dispensaries


2) An Easy and Comfortable Experience

Any person will have more experience using interactive touchscreens, such as a kiosk, than experience shopping in a dispensary. It’s no wonder that some people, especially if dispensaries are new to them, feel uncomfortable in this unfamiliar environment. Bringing in the familiar tablet will make the new experience easier and more comfortable.


3) Privacy

Some people may not be comfortable in a dispensary environment that’s new to them. Others may not feel comfortable talking with budtenders – especially if it’s regarding a medical condition or ailment. As we saw in a recent blog about the cannabis for wellness trend, this doesn’t just apply to medical patients, but rec consumers too.


4) Credibility

Not to be blunt, but offering this high-tech experience makes your dispensary look good. It will help you stand out among dispensary competition and will increase your store’s credibility in the eye of the consumer.


Tip! In this competitive market, it is imperative to display images on your website that showcase your express ordering through in-store Kiosks.

A Customer’s First In-Store Experience

When a customer is in your store for the first time, using a kiosk for express ordering will provide them with a great and memorable experience.


1) Signing In

To place an order, a customer is prompted to provide their phone number to receive a notification when their order is ready through our Connect tool. It is a fast and easy process that does not feel spammy, or even like they’re ‘signing up’ for anything. They’re simply providing the same, if not less, information than they would through Grubhub or any other digital platform. Customers will also have the option to provide more information such as product interests and communication preferences.  


Tip!  Display information about where and how to access kiosks in your dispensary. This way customers will know exactly where to go. You can place your kiosks throughout your waiting area and showroom.


2) Exploring the Interactive Menu

Essentially, kiosks act as interactive digital signage. A customer can navigate and explore at their own pace – all while maintaining their privacy. For those that are uncomfortable or worried about any perceived judgements from a person, kiosks allow them to explore and select products privately.


Interactive dispensary menu for self serve express ordering


It also gives them the ability to make informed decisions regarding their purchases. If a customer is uncomfortable interacting with a budtender, or doesn't exactly know how to communicate what they’re looking for, they may settle on the wrong product. Customers may also feel that a budtender would have a biased opinion... just as any salesperson would. Self-service kiosks allow these customers to make their own product decisions without any pressure, while still being educated on different product effects.


3) Placing an Express Order

Once a customer has decided which products to order, the customer will place his or her order right from the Kiosk. Next, they will receive an automated text to confirm the order and inform them of next steps.


Tip: If a customer forgets to log out after their order... no problem! With Baker’s Kiosk mode, they’ll automatically be logged out after just 15 seconds!


4) Fulfillment

Because dispensaries with express ordering see faster transaction times, the fulfillment process is significantly more efficient. Many dispensaries also find it helpful to have a designated area for ‘express order pickup’ or a ‘fast track lane.’ Once the budtender fills their order, the customer will receive an automated text message such as, “Your order is ready! Head to the Fast Track Lane to pick up your order.”

Repeat Business and Customer Loyalty

If the customer’s first visit was a good and memorable one, he or she is likely to return. There are several ways that kiosks encourage repeat visits and customer loyalty.


1) First In-Store Experience

As noted, express ordering provides a great user experience that is sure to be a memorable one. Creating this meaningful and comfortable experience will certainly incentivize them to return. After all, once a customer has this type of experience, they may feel that there’s a lack of process efficiency and legitimacy at a competing retailer.


2) Check Back In

When customers sign in to place their order, they provide their phone number. You can use this information to reach out with an SMS message before they even come back to your store. In many cases, these customers will fill out their full profile. This provides you with information including product interests and communication preferences. This customer data can be used to create more personalized and effective communications – ultimately resulting in repeat business and dispensary loyalty.


Send a follow up text message to customers


3) Loyalty Program

Enabling a loyalty program with your Kiosk will also incentivize repeat visits and customer loyalty. For dispensaries that use the Baker Kiosk mode and loyalty program, customers receive loyalty points whenever they place an order. Having a loyalty program makes customers want to come back to the same dispensary in order to gain points and save money. They also feel valued, giving them the desire to return, purchase more, and earn points.


Additional Dispensary Benefits

Express ordering isn’t just beneficial to the customer – it’s beneficial to your business. Dispensaries that offer Baker Kiosk mode experience operational efficiencies including faster transaction times. This means your budtenders have more time to focus on the people that need their assistance, without increasing the wait time for other customers.


Save time to help dispensary customers by using kiosk self serve ordering


Faster transactions also enable your budtenders to service more people, resulting in more orders and sales. Kiosk orders are also usually larger than traditional in-store orders. This is because when customers can explore and shop for products at their own pace, they tend to upsell themselves. It may be surprising, but digital orders placed from in-store kiosk tablets are 20-30% higher than orders placed with a person.

Through the collection of information process on kiosks, maybe the most important aspect in retail success, is to truly understand your customer. A detail not to look over, this added benefit of having kiosks in your store can mean higher dividends. As customers purchase through a kiosk, dispensaries gain purchase data that can be used for market basket analysis, gaining a greater understanding of customers’ shopping habits.

To learn more about how the Baker CRM platform has helped so many dispensaries like yours, schedule a demo today!

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