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Retail Experience

Why Dispensaries Are Using In-Store Kiosks

Kiosk technology is rapidly spreading across all retail businesses – with cannabis retailers being no exception. Kiosks are particularly beneficial in dispensaries, as consumer demographics and experience levels vary greatly.

Customer Communications

How Medical Dispensaries Successfully Use SMS Marketing

Many cannabis medical dispensaries avoid SMS marketing. It’s seen as a rec-only marketing tactic that’s all about deals and promos like “Hey! 20% off Gorilla Glue today! ” But in reality, SMS can be used in a variety of ways that are beneficial for medical dispensaries.

Customer Communications

Cannabis for Wellness: Selling in an Evolving Cannabis Consumer Landscape

As medical cannabis grows in popularity, the recreational use of cannabis for medicinal purposes also continues to grow. With the rise of ‘cannabis wellness,’ how should dispensaries change their marketing strategies, customer communications and product offerings to keep up with this trend?


Retail Experience

3-Part 'How To' Series – From Dispensary Application to Expansion

This 3-part series will guide you through every business stage of the dispensary life cycle. Whether you're a future cannabis retailer or a current dispensary owner...there's a part for you. It features inside tips from consultants and other experienced experts in the cannabis industry. 

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What is a CRM and What Role Does it Play in the Cannabis Industry?

A Customer Relationship Management software (often only referred to as a CRM) is a tool used to build customer loyalty and repeat business. In the cannabis industry, CRM solutions help dispensaries and brands convert one-time or occasional buyers into ...

Customer Communication Tips for Dispensaries

Communication and Campaign Tactics – for larger orders & repeat business On an average, the recreational cannabis consumer shops at dispensaries every 19.5 days and spends about $647 annuallyon cannabis products, according to a Headset.io report. 

The Psychology of Cannabis Retail

How The Way We Think Affects Buying Behavior Since 1996, when California first legalized medical use, there has been a revolution in the cannabis retail industry. Is your dispensary keeping up with the changes? 

The Ultimate Guide to Dispensary Software: Beyond Seed to Sale

The cannabis industry is big business, so when it comes to dispensary software, you need the full suite to maximize your business potential.

The Latest in Dispensary Technology

Unlike generic tech solutions, dispensary software solutions must be customized to business needs and compliance requirements. Despite this hindrance, cannabis technology has continued to improve at a rapid rate.

Faster Dispensary Transactions for a Better Customer Experience

In the competitive cannabis industry, customer experience is key for growth and survival. Speed up transaction times to provide an enhanced customer experience, and increase sales.

How to Choose a Cannabis Technology Solution to Grow Your Business

The cannabis industry is flooded with SaaS tech providers –  from compliance software, to point-of-sale systems, to messaging platforms, and more.

Capture & Keep: The Benefits of Customer Acquisition and Retention for Dispensaries

When you first opened your dispensary, your primary marketing focus was likely on acquiring new customers, which is appropriate for a new business.  You can't be successful without customers coming in the door.  However, if you have your eye on long-term ...

Powerful SMS Campaign Tips to Grow your Dispensary Business

Cannabis dispensaries face some unique challenges as far as businesses go. This has been true with everything from taxes to banking, partially thanks to the lack of federal legalization. Email marketing and social media can be challenging for ...

Increase Revenue for Your Dispensary with Kiosks

You can use self-checkout at Target and the grocery store. Banks long ago adopted ATMs and online banking. And, now restaurants are discovering the benefits to self-checkout and self-service. Dispensaries are primed to reap the same benefits through the ...

Why Every Dispensary Should Have Online Ordering

By 2021, online sales are predicted to account for over 15% of all sales made worldwide. In 2017, online shoppers spent a total of $5.03 billion on Black Friday alone.   When you think of selling products online, dispensaries don't often come to mind. ...

Four Marketing Metrics Every Retailer Should Track

Knowing which marketing metrics to track as a retailer is critical. At times it can be overwhelming to know which metrics you should be watching and what your results mean. In this blog post, we'll look at four key marketing metrics for dispensaries and ...
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