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SMS Cannabis Marketing: Part 1

This is the first in a three-part series on how texting can impact your bottom line. Everybody texts, but not enough people are texting for their businesses. *90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes* which means there is a ton of potential revenue just sitting in your customers’ pockets.

Sales texts are text messages that directly prompt people to buy something from your store. When coupled with a call to action, such as a link to an online ordering platform like Baker, you’ve got a 1-2 punch to drive engagement and sales.

Texts work best when you send no more than three a week, otherwise customers can feel like they’re being sold too hard. Over-communication can be perceived as spam and is the number one reason why customers unsubscribe from contact lists.

Remember this is all about giving, so don’t over do it. We’ve created three texts for you to send out your customers that are guaranteed to drive sales to your dispensary.

*Scenario 1:* You would like to promote product X. In this case, Island Sweet Skunk. Your customers will always be interested in learning about new products, as long you present them in an engaging and relevant manner.

Text: Our island sweet skunk is super fruity and testing off the charts right now! Reserve from your phone. tbkr.co/yourdispensary

*Scenario 2:* It’s a beautiful day and you want to make sure that your customers think of you as soon as they decide what they’re going to do, whether that’s playing hookie or hiking the Flatirons.

Text: It’s such a beautiful day that we’re doing a $49 pre tax quarter on our favorite sunny day strain, Sour Jack! Reserve now from your phone: tbkr.co/yourdispensary

Scenario 3: The Rockies, or your favorite local sports team, win and you want to tie into all the fun. Having relevant localized content is the number one ingredient in a successful engagement campaign.

Text: Rockies win! 10% off all online orders that use the code ROCKON. Reserve now from your phone: tbkr.co/yourdispensary

Whenever you’re creating a text to send to your customers, it’s essential to include two components: a clear description of what your customers are getting and a call to action. There is nothing that will upset a customer more than when their expectations aren’t met, so make sure your text is clearly identifying what is for sale, any exclusions, the price, and how long the deal will last.

The call-to-action is the gentle nudge that converts users into customers. If you don’t give your users a clear call to action at best they’ll figure out after a couple of minutes and worst case scenario they won’t even know where to go. Remove as much friction as possible by removing all of the guesswork from your marketing. “Reserve now from your phone” with a link to your dispensary is a high quality call to action because it is very clear and provides a direct link. Some other call to actions include:

-Learn more here

-Buy now

-Click here

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about using texts to increase sales at your dispensary. If you’re interested in learning more or want to sign up for our email list, please or reach out to info@trybaker.com and see how we can help you increase sales and foot traffic.

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