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How Personalized Strain Alerts Are Used By The Most Successful Dispensaries

Did you know that the most critical factor that a customer considers before visiting a dispensary is the inventory¹? Dispensaries invest heavily in competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and the customer experience, but the data proves these aspects of cannabis shopping are less important than having the right product on the shelf for each customer.

The average dispensary receives over two dozen inventory-related phone calls per day, and some of Baker's clients used to see upwards of 100. If the desired product is not in stock, many dispensaries will use pen and paper to keep track of who wants what. When that product comes back in stock, staff members spend hours calling each individual on a list - an inefficient process that is a burden to both the dispensary and the customer.

This component of the cannabis shopping experience is broken.

Tens of thousands of cannabis customers spend hours calling or checking listing sites to find out when their products are back in stock.

To make matters worse, almost every dispensary turns to social media to get the word out about specials and new products, but on social media, only about 30% of followers will ever see a post². Furthermore, dispensary marketing teams spend hours crafting emails, but only 25% of emails are read.  

Consider how many dispensaries lose out when they can't effectively get the word out. What if dispensaries could let customers and patients know when their favorite products are back in stock in just a click?  


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Baker, already a veteren at solving the cannabis industry's customer retention problems, has a solution for this dilemma. Baker has provided their dispensary clients with the unprecedented functionality to allow dispensaries to directly text message customers only about their favorite products.

Compared to email and social media, 98% of text messages are read, and they only take seconds to compose instead of hours. Dispensary marketing teams generate 5x the revenue results while improving the shopping experience and delighting customers . 

Personalized Product Alerts is the tool that the most successful dispensaries use to send the right message about the right strains, edibles, and concentrates to the right customers.

Find out how you can bring Personalized Product Alerts to your dispensary today by requesting a demo





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