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The 6 Best Things You Can Do for Your Dispensary Website

A top-notch website for your dispensary is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. Though professionals in the cannabis industry continue to use traditional ads and brochures to market their products, a website serves the same function, but with larger scale results.

Luckily, a website has low barriers to entry compared to print advertising. Once you have it set up properly, you can increase your revenue by up to $200,000 more per month. It can also engage your customers, increase in-store visitors, and develop brand loyalty.

To ensure your website is successful, you must always keep it up-to-date. Customers will look at your website for both products and your contact details. Because of this, you need to make sure your product offering, phone number, and address are always current.

Let’s take a closer look at six specific things every dispensary website needs.

1. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

If your clients cannot easily find the products or information they need, they will likely move on to another dispensary’s website that is easier to navigate. Your site should be easy for the reader to follow and smoothly lead customers from page to page...almost like a storybook. Keep the website simple and avoid having too many menu tabs. A few key pages should be included in your website's menu:

• Home
• About
• Contact (including your dispensary location, hours, and phone number)
• Menu and/or Order (your product menu and online ordering page)
• Resources (blog or other helpful information that is valuable to your viewers)

The page about your dispensary should include information about your company's inception date and history. It is also the ideal place to write your brand story. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in how dispensaries got started and what they stand for. Meanwhile, your contact page should also include an email address that allows customers to reach you online.

Your dispensary website should include your brand story


Your dispensary's ultimate goal is to sell products, so having online ordering through your website is a vital aspect that we will dive into a bit more in just a moment. Whether you are a large dispensary or just getting started with a small shop, you need a dedicated place on your website for e-commerce.

2. Showcase Your Menu and Online Ordering

The main goal of having a website is to drive visitors to the menu. By 2021, researchers estimate 15 percent of global sales will be made online. Your e-commerce menu helps improve each customer's experience and simplifies online engagement.

Customers do not want to search through a stream of menus and sub-menus to find their favorite cannabis products. Many dispensaries will link to a third-party listing site, which can be confusing and frustrating for the viewer. Instead, keep traffic on your website by including a single, simple location for all menu and e-commerce related activity. Customers will be able to pre-order online, then quickly pay and pick up their orders in a designated "express pick-up" area.


Baker's dispensary menu

Your dispensary menu should include all of your available products, as well as featured products. You can also offer online ordering or pre-ordering for both in-store pickup and delivery (depending on if delivery is available in your market). Enhance ease of ordering by giving customers the ability to access your menu and online ordering in the same location on your website. If they're browsing and see something they like and want to preorder or schedule for delivery, they shouldn't have to go to another location on your website.

To drive website traffic to your e-commerce page (your dispensary menu and online ordering), add a brightly colored banner or popup on popular website pages that brings people to that page. This banner should highlight the benefits of ordering online, such as fast in-store pickup or reserving in-demand products early. You can also offer loyalty promotions or discounts on their first online order as an incentive.


You can use digital sources other than your website to drive traffic to your menu. These include social media, SMS campaigns, or other marketing tools. Always try to include visuals as people are more likely to buy when they see an appealing image or video.

3. Stand Out With Your “About” Page

When building your “About” or "About Us" page, make sure to include information about your brand's unique background. People respond strongly when learning the history and story behind the brand. This type of storytelling helps you improve your brand experience and attract more customer interest.

As more dispensaries open across the country, and dispensary competition increases, customer expectations also increase. They demand more from each shop as their options grow and they encounter new promotions and experiences at various locations. You should enhance your digital brand experience well-made website, storytelling, and by developing unique brand experiences online.


Enhance your digital brand experience on your dispensary's website

Reviews and testimonials are great for social validation and give potential customers the chance to learn about the positive experiences of your customers. These can be added directly to your website, or you can pull from or link to third-party review listings via Yelp, Google, Weedmaps, Leafly, or any other listing site.

You should also link to your social media profiles so it’s easy for customers to follow and engage with you online. Your social media profiles and posts can also increase product value through cannabis education and industry news. For your social media strategy to work, it must be creative, consistent, and centered around the specialties of your business. Learn more about social media for dispensaries here.

An email newsletter is another way for customers and potential customers to learn more about you and your business – which will ultimately result in their business. For the best sales results, always link your newsletters to your website menu. To build your list, embed a sign-up banner on your website to collect subscriber information for your newsletter or text message campaigns that are sent straight to their mobile devices.

The right content and resources can incentivize casual visitors to sign up for your newsletter and more. Through your sign-up banner, you can start growing your customer list and showcase your brand.

4. Publish Engaging Website Content

Through your website content, you can inform customers about who you are and what your dispensary stands for. This content can exist in the form of a blog, or you can also create landing pages, social media posts, and more. Your content can either be written as a post about your business or an informational and educational resource.


Content is key for your dispensary website

An 'about you' post may detail awards you have won, charities you support, or additional details about your brand story. You can find some examples of how we create these posts on our Company Blog. Basically, this type of post is designed to help customers learn more about who you are as a dispensary.

For informational resources, you can include details about your products, reviews, and the effects they have. If you are a medical dispensary, you might also share posts with information about how patients can get a medical license. Other topics might include what cannabinoids do, ways to consume cannabis products or the benefits of particular products you sell at your dispensary.

Another top way to improve your content is by incorporating SEO strategies.

5. SEO Matters

Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO-optimized content is needed for your company to be discovered by people through search engines like Google and Bing. It is responsible for bringing in organic visitors to your dispensary website and menu. Many SEO tactics also boost the user experience of your website. Ultimately, SEO will help you increase website traffic and help with customer acquisition.


SEO will help increase website traffic and customer acquisition

Local terms and keywords help Google discover where to list your company for local searches. One way to capitalize on this is to include articles about events that include location-based keywords such as your city, state or neighborhood.

Your goal should be to identify topics that bring potential customers to your dispensary website. For example, you might write an article discussing, ‘Five tips for better sleep.’ One of those tips would be to ‘try using cannabis’ and highlight a particular product that you sell at your dispensary. As you develop your content, it’s important to consider the right marketing strategies for new customer demographics and customer acquisition.

To expand your reach to new consumer demographics, make sure your content is relevant to your business offering, is SEO-friendly, and addresses the needs and search behaviors this ‘new consumer.’ Keep in mind that new visitors to your website are likely unaware of your company and your product offering. To transition these new consumers into customers at your dispensary, you’ll need to educate them about cannabis (in general) before you can effectively market your dispensary or a specific cannabis product to them.

To cater to these ‘cannabis newbie’ audiences, think about the types of problems they might face like anxiety, stress, or sleeplessness. Then, build SEO content around these problems that will bring those visitors to your site.

6. Appeal Visually

Visual assets such as photos and videos are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. A video is a great form of inbound marketing as it naturally pulls viewers into your website through the appeal of the content itself, and the SEO value that video adds. Videos and short clips help boost your brand awareness online reputation.


Visual assets such as photos and videos are an important part of any digital marketing strategy

One way to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy is by creating a review and testimonial videos. Record videos of your customers describing their shopping experience or their experience with a particular product you sell at your dispensary. These testimonials are a great option for providing social proof about what your dispensary is capable of.

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can lead to a massive uptick in both online and in-store traffic. Use promotional videos on your website, social media pages, and within blog posts to see a major boost in your customer engagement.

Display key details about products and your dispensary through an infographic instead of just a bulleted list of features. You can also show customers exactly what to expect when they visit your dispensary by creating a 360-degree tour which allows potential customers to virtually step into and explore your dispensary. Finally, you should always strive to include a product image for every product that you have listed on your dispensary website menu.

Ensure You Have Everything Your Dispensary Website Needs

For your dispensary to grow, you must have an effective website with engaging content. With Baker's platform, you can start listing your eCommerce options with a simple menu you can embed on your dispensary website. All it takes are a few simple steps, and your dispensary website can begin increasing your revenue.

Request a demo to learn more about how our tools and technology features can enhance your website and increase revenue with online ordering. You’ll be able to improve your brand loyalty and see a rapid boost in traffic on your blog and in your dispensary.

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