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Tips for Getting Repeat Business During the Holiday Season

As consumers get into the holiday spirit, we can expect to enjoy a peak in cannabis sales. According to recent trends, consumers still prefer cannabis shopping at brick-and-mortar stores over online purchases. Despite this purchasing trend, cannabis consumers are actively engaged online. While cannabis sales rose 21% last December, more than 15% of those customers didn't return to dispensaries in January. That means you must set up your dispensary for retention successs.

It takes smarts to navigate through the red tape of cannabis sales and provide customers with a great experience. Focus on excellent customer relations for in-store sales. The user experience will drive repeat customers back or send them away. Here are a few tips to turn the walk-in consumer into a loyal customer this holiday season. 


1) Start your planning now

As cannabis becomes less taboo and more mainstream, dispensaries need to ramp up marketing efforts before the holiday spike ends. It's never too early to draw in customers before the typical retail lull that comes after the New Year. The holiday season is the best time to turn one-time consumers into return customers. There are many opportunities to connect with your customers, from SMS messages to loyalty offerings, you can reach out and draw customers to your doors. 

Don't forget about targeting specific groups during the holiday season. For instance, you can promote specific products as a special to bring in new customers. Offer special discounts for repeat customers and provide a loyalty program sign-up opportunity at checkout. Pay close attention to your customer types and target their needs.


2) Promos don't always have to be product related 

Expand promotion offers to include ones that will increase your average sale amount. For instance, if your customer reaches a certain price threshold, it unlocks other deals. This will boost your average order value and push them to try more products. Give them a reason to buy more and help them feel good about doing it. 

Other promotions can be social media related to reach consumers with a strong online presence. Give discounts for customers that follow your social media pages or sign-up for email newsletters. Having a strong online presence will remind consumers about their incredible experience at your store. Then you can provide a special limited time promo to give them a reason to come back.


3) Capture increased foot traffic

The surge is coming, but how can you make sure new customers will become repeat customers down the road? Outside of capturing their information, make sure you create a first impression that will last. Build your brand and make your customers feel appreciated. Make sure to provide an individualized experience in-store to find just the right product for each customer. By providing a personalized customer experience, you will encourage repeat business. When your customers feel appreciated and notice individualized interactions, you are much more likely to convert them into loyal customers. 


It's an exciting time for cannabis dispensaries, especially in California. It is the perfect opportunity to establish a loyal customer base as it will be the lifeline of your business. If you give customers a reason to return and reward them, they will be back. By developing a plan and following these tips, you should be well on your way to improve customer retention for your dispensary. 


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