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The Ultimate Guide to Dispensary Software: Beyond Seed to Sale

The cannabis industry is big business, so when it comes to dispensary software, you need the full suite to maximize your business potential.

The cannabis industry is expected to grow to $11 billion in 2018 and double again by 2021. California, which just opened its markets, is expected to generate $640 million in excise taxes every year.

With that much money on the line, it’s critical your business has the right tools to manage your business. Many cannabis businesses want to know all the different dispensary software features that are available, and what all the provider options are. Here is a list of the top cannabis tech providers and what’s unique about them.

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POS (Point Of Sale)

  • Flowhub allows you to track and see live inventory, create a global catalog of products, suppliers, and strains. It automatically reports it’s data to METRC via their metrc™ API.
  • Green Bits features automated compliance systems, automatically syncing data in real time with state traceability systems.
  • Adilas provides cloud-based access with customizable data tracking software. This software allows data to be tracked, connected, access and searched in the cloud.
  • MJ Freeway helps to manage inventory, profitability, and increase yield. Additionally, this cannabis software manages customer records and relationships all in one system.
  • Treez offers enterprise quality retail management software to reduce labor and manual errors. It is designed to adapt to your business model – whether you run a friendly, neighborhood shop or a sleek, high volume dispensary.
  • BioTrack features automated data entry, data-driven Customer Relationship Management software, discounts and loyalty programs, and purchase limits.
  • Cova combines a POS with digital signage and touchscreens. It provides a seamless and speedy shopping experience, including touchscreen, quick ID scanning, loyalty rewards, and customer-specific discounts.


Data and Market Research

  • Headset is a business and analytics platform which uses real-time data to support real-time data-based decision making. Integrating with a dispensary POS, it helps maximize inventory.  Headset Integrates with POS systems, including most of those listed above.
  • BDS Analytics provides cutting-edge consumer measurement and analytics to help dispensaries stay on top of trends, industry research and intelligence, and retail sales tracking. Even the National Cannabis Industry Association  uses this data software.
  • New Frontier Data is a source of analysis and reporting on the cannabis industry for operators and investors with market and location-specific information. Their clients include equity funds and investment groups, such as Phyto Partners and Greenleaf Joint Ventures.
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Financing & Banking

  • MTRAC is a full-service payment processing platform using blockchain technology allowing business owners to reduce costs and streamline efficiencies while remaining fully compliant.
  • Hypur handles cashless transaction that are fully compliant with state laws, interfacing with cannabis-compliant financial institutions.
  • Wurk is the only major payroll and HR management company in the cannabis industry. With this platform, you can manage payroll, scheduling and timekeeping, HR, and tax compliance. 


  • Baker is called “The Salesforce of Cannabis” and integrates with most major seed-to-sale players.  Active in over 1,000 dispensaries with CRM, Marketing Automation, and E-Commerce. Perhaps the biggest benefit to using Baker is that they have integrations with over 20 other dispensary softwares. 
  • Eyechronic is an ad-based network that broadcasts real-time content to cannabis shops across the United States.  Ads are integrated with customer engagement content and also track customer flow and interactions.
  • Foot Traffik helps customers find, engage, and shop at dispensaries by developing  ROI-driven marketing strategies to cultivate customers.
  • EVB builds memorable brands by blending technology, behavioral insights, digital trends, and a focus on the digital native.
  • Potbelly Creative provides web design, branding and creative, on-page and off-page SEO, and ongoing analytics.
  • Sensites offers simple and affordable customized websites and content management systems with no setup fees and no contracts.

Digital Signage

  • Budboard takes real-time data and displays menus, and in-story signage across multiple screens and locations – including websites.
  • The Peak Beyond creates interactive smart tables for a hands-on customer experience.  In addition to purchase, information about your dispensary's products and consumer education can be displayed.
  • Green Screens helps dispensaries communicate with waiting customers with updated information while they are making purchase decisions.
  • APOP Media modernizes the shopping experience by displaying product information and custom menus, daily specials, and advertising.
  • Budtender TV displays automated menu boards using products and pricing from Weedmaps.  Web-based software allows the user to schedule content in advance and manage dozens of screens at once.


Reviews & Directories

These sites provides a mix of dispensary directories, information about strains and products, consumer education about cannabis, and industry news.

B2B Wholesale Purchasing

  • Leaflink helps cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers to streamline the order processing and simplify communication.  It features a robust online marketplace, CRM, and centralized sales engine.
  • Confident Cannabis seamlessly tracks and shares product quality reports.  With free signup and an embeddable product gallery, it provides access to lab data, product results, and label printing.

Whether you're getting a new piece of cannabis retail software for the first time, or just looking for an upgrade, it's important to compare all of your different options. This list covers top dispensary software providers, but there are certainly more out there that you can consider. Download the complete ebook guide "The Ultimate Dispensary Software Guide," for free with this link. It will walk you through all the questions to ask when buying each type of software you need, a list of the top providers in each category, and even tips for onboarding and using the technology.

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