Your Customer Success Team

We are here to ensure you get the most out of the Baker platform.


At Baker, we pride ourselves in the success of our customers and have built the largest customer success team in the industry. We don’t leave you to “figure things out”. We have a tailored onboarding roadmap to ensure you are set up for success. Our mission is to not only help you understand how to use the platform, but how to maximize your output. Our clients on average see ROI in just 10 weeks — this is a fact, not just a claim.

"Thank you for having such phenomenal customer service! Whether it is a major issue or an admittedly silly question, Baker's reps are very quick to respond. Problems are fixed in an acceptable time frame and it just seems like everyone really cares about the service they are providing. That last part is very encouraging and appreciated!"
Robert Bailey, Monarch Wellness, AZ

"Consider me a huge fan of Baker - we were able to get online ordering seamlessly integrated into our website quickly and have had a lot of success with it! The team over there is extremely friendly and easy to work with and is always quick to get back on any question. It's a pleasure working with a company that has a standout product and excellent customer service!"
Andrew Jones, Good Chemistry, CO

Meet The Team

Carter Davidson

VP, Customer Success & Sales

Brandon Chase

Director of Customer Success

Claire Masters

Manager of Customer Success

Rachel Darby

Manager of Customer Success

Harrison Gaeng

Customer Success Operations

Josh Tarter

Customer Support Manager

Alana Lucas

Customer Support Evangelist

Cari Hull

Senior Customer Success Manager

Christian Kogler

Onboarding Manager

Matt LaBelle

Customer Success Manager

Matt Miller

Onboarding Manager

Hart Phillips

Strategic Account Manager

Matt Beller

Senior Onboarding Manager

James Scott

Customer Success Manager

Hannah Ratekin

Strategic Account Manager

Audrey Tiong

Senior Customer Success Manager

Get in Touch!

Our Support Team is available from 8am-6pm on Weekdays and 9am-5pm on Weekends. Give us a ring at (303) 872-7255 #2, or use the chat bubble within the Baker Kitchen.