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The 2018 Cannabis Retailer Holiday Guide

The complete guide to surviving the 2018 holiday season – from gift guides and merchandising to operations and product inventory.

The Holiday season is here and in the world of retail, it's important to be prepared. This ebook will guide you through the holiday season and into the New Year.




The holidays and consumer shopping go hand in hand. The gift-giving holidays of the season fuel consumer spending. While the demand for consumer goods is high, competition is fierce during this time. Your competition is not just another dispensary down the street. This time of year, it’s the mall down the street and the big box retailers with millions to spend on marketing. People often associate Black Friday and holiday shopping with going to the mall or shopping center. So, how do you win over customers’ attention and get them to come to your dispensary on these days instead? The same ways the malls do it – decorative merchandising, promos, and holiday gift guides.







To bring you the best tips and tactics for product merchandising, gift pairing and decorations, we partnered with experts from High Road Design Studio – who has an outstanding reputation in the cannabis industry for their impeccable store design, branding, and merchandising work. We also teamed up with Headset, a leading analytics service provider for the cannabis industry to bring you industry data and valuable insights that will help guide you through your promo and product inventory decision making this season.

Store Decorations

Decorative merchandising is an essential part of the holiday season. Especially for retailers, where holiday shopping and decorations go together like peanut butter and jelly. Decorating your dispensary will help you boost your holiday vibe and even the reputation you have among your customers and the local community.

Why Holiday Decorations Matter

As consumers, we seek out experiences. When we step into a mall this time of year, we expect to step into a winter wonderland. We see children lining up behind the man in the Santa costume, giant trees strung up with lights that cascade over the mall floor, and garland streamed from end to end. These decorations play a significant role in our perception and expectations of what’s considered ‘normal’ holiday shopping. As a cannabis retailer, this presents you with an opportunity to apply this sense of normalcy into your dispensary. Additionally, all the cheerful decor can brighten the mood on your store floor, leaving customers with a positive association of your dispensary...and we all know that happy customers spend more!

1 | Find Your Decor

Deciding What Decorations to Get

When looking for decorations to buy for your dispensary, you’ll need to consider what will be compatible with your brand and what real estate you have to work with. The vibe, quality and colors of your decor should speak to your brand and what it represents. Instead of matching the colors to your brand, select decorations that complement your brand colors. They should stand out enough to be clearly identified as holiday decorations, without disrupting the look of your store and brand.

The same concept applies to the quality and style of the decor. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a boutique-like interior and then hang dollar store decorations with tape. This would stick out like a sore thumb, disrupting your look. On the other hand, if your store is casual, fun and quirky, then this would work quite well for you!



Holiday Guide - decor Tip



Holiday Guide - V2 Ch 1 store decor Tip

2 | Clear the Clutter

Creating Space for Decorations

You will need to move things around and create space before you are able to decorate your dispensary. This can be challenging because for many dispensaries, floor space is tight as it is. But really, this is a great opportunity to clear clutter!

Get the most out of the space you have by replacing your usual display products in your showroom with holiday-themed products and gifts. You can also drape printed fabric, garland, or lights on the floor of shelving units, or around the edges of product display cases. Digital signage is another piece of real estate you already have that can be used to display holiday-themed messages and promos. Finally, swap display swag such as hats and t-shirts, with winter or holiday-themed accessories. Some examples include stockings, winter hats, gloves, and scarves. In the next section, we will dive deeper into holiday merchandising tactics.

3 | holiday tunes

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without… Music

Not only can your dispensary look like the holidays, but it can sound like the season too. After all, holiday tunes are a huge part of the retail experience for shoppers. That said, it’s important to keep the holiday music in moderation for the sake of your team's sanity.

Avoid wearing out your team with looping Christmas music by switching up the style and limiting the playback. You can opt to just play holiday tunes during high traffic hours and weekends when more customers will be around to appreciate it.




Holiday Guide - Music Tip

In-Store Merchandising

The holiday season is the best time of year to use visual merchandising tactics. They'll help you boost sales, increase margins, and strengthen your brand reputation. Because it’s so important, we partnered with merchandising experts to bring you the best tips in the business.

Why Merchandising Matters

You may not realize just how powerful merchandising can be. It is especially powerful for dispensaries, as many of the exact same products can be purchased from another nearby dispensary. What makes the consumer want to buy that product from you, instead of that other dispensary? Merchandising. When you make the product look better, you make it stand out and look more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. 

To bring you the best merchandising tactics out there, we partnered with experts from High Road Design Studio who specializes in visual merchandising in the cannabis industry. Needless to say, we learned many valuable insights, specific to cannabis retailers that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Effective Merchandising Tactics Used by Experts

Dispensary merchandising tip - remove products from packaging

Remove Products From Packaging

Take products out of the packaging to show customers exactly what they're buying instead of having to guess what’s in the box. This will create a more powerful display that stands out to consumers. Try taking flower out of the container and place it into a dish or glass jar, or place vape pens and accessories directly on the display. This tactic works especially well for food, like edibles.

Dispensary merchandising tip - place cannabis products in your dispensary on a raised display

Use Raised Displays

Instead of putting displayed products directly on a shelf or counter, position them on a riser, blocks, or small pedestals. Placing products on a raised display will actually increase the perceived value of the product. Often times, it will also give consumers reference to the size of the product, especially when other items are grouped with it on a riser.

Visual signage is an important component of dispensary merchandising especially during the holidays

Visual Signage is Important

In order to convert customer interest into a purchase, the customer will need enough information to make that decision. It's difficult to convey this amount of information merely through text – it would take a giant paragraph! Even if customers had the patience to read it all, they may not even be able to see it well enough to read it from the display. Instead, you can avoid wasting precious real estate by presenting the information visually. People process visual information up to 60,000 times faster. You can use photography and other visual assets to explain how your products are consumed, how they make you feel, and even if they’re organic.

Dispensary merchandising tip - allow customers to touch products when possible

Feature 'Touchable' Products

‘Touchable’ products are desirable products. You may know the feeling when you’re browsing for clothes in the store and suddenly spot the coziest looking sweater you’ve ever seen. You wouldn’t just stand there, admiring it from afar. After all, you wouldn’t try it on or buy it without touching it first. Walking around to touch everything really is a part of the retail shopping experience. Humans have a strong desire to pick things up, which is why brick and mortar retail shopping is evolving rapidly, but will never die. Though customers can’t pick up and bury their noses in flower, there are a couple ways to add this element to your cannabis retail experience. You can achieve this through packaging and strategic gift pairings. See below for how these are used.

2 Ways to Enable Customers to Pick Up Your Products


Place products with the best and most informative packaging on a shelf or display that is accessible to customers. If you notice people are not picking it up, they may not know they’re allowed to. Let them know that they can with signage that says, “Pick me up!”
Gift Pairings
Create gift pairings with an unmedicated item that customers can touch. An example is a pre-roll sampler pack and locked purse. Display the pairing in such a way that the customer can pick up and choose the unmedicated item; in this case, the purse. 


You can use a product inventory display to hold all styles of purses, and also display the gift pairing with its accompanying digital signage. Explain how they can get the gift set, “Choose whichever style of purse you’d like and pick up your pre-roll sampler pack at the counter.”


Holiday Gifts and Guides


Marketing your products as holiday gifts will attract more customers and increase sales without relying on heavy discounts that will reduce your margins and return on investment (ROI).

Why Gifts Matter

During the holidays, about one-third of all retail dollars are spent on gifts. Retail holidays are no longer only for department stores...dispensaries are also on shoppers’ minds. If you promote your store correctly during the holidays, you will see a significant boost in revenue. Marketing your products as holiday gifts will attract more customers and increase sales without having to rely on discounts and sales.

How to Use Gift Pairings in Your Holiday Merchandising

Another holiday merchandising tactic to boost sales is to put special gift sets on display. When creating gift pairings, it’s important to remember the important role of visual merchandising. It’s not just about the gift combination itself. According to High Road Design Studio, how you display it is equally, if not more important. The way the products are displayed is what makes the customer not just want to buy the product, but makes them want to buy it from you...instead of your competitor.

A particularly effective tactic for gift merchandising is to complement the medicated items with the way people use it in their everyday life. Grouping products into categories that target specific personas will help you achieve this. Step one is to identify the persona the gift set is meant for, their demographics and their interests.

Holiday Guide - V4 Ch3 High Rd Quote
Discover how personas can improve your marketing strategy in the recorded Customer Acquisition Webinar.

Gift Pairing Categories

Dispensary gift guide category: stocking stuffer accessories

Stocking Stuffer Accessories

These are small and affordable impulse buys that make great stocking stuffers. Display these near your register and make sure to remind customers of their use as stocking stuffers! Sample packs make great gifts if you don’t know what somebody likes. Other examples are lip balm, pre-rolls and rolling papers.

Dispensary gift guide category: holiday survival

'Holiday Survival'

These items go hand in hand with the holidays. Create a “Holiday Survival Kit” by pairing a holiday-themed strain with an ugly Christmas sweater and pinene-scented bath bomb. Some other examples include New Years supplements, wrapping paper or other gift wrapping supplies, Christmas stockings, or winter apparel and accessories.

Dispensary gift guide category: CBD


Products high in CBD or containing only CBD are on the rise. They make great gifts for men and women of all ages, including those that are new to cannabis. They also often come in forms that people use in their everyday lives, such as lotion, pain relief gel, chapstick, bath products, essential oils and tinctures.

Dispensary gift guide category: pet supplies

Pet Supplies

Many pet owners today use CBD to ease pet anxiety, reduce pain and to help with age-related illnesses. You can pair a pet-friendly tincture or treat with other pet-related items such as dog or cat collars and toys. Try adding your logo to collars and toys, or play up the cannabis theme. A dog toy in the shape of a cannabis leaf just might be a hit!

Dispensary gift guide category: kitchen and home decor

Kitchen and Home Decor

Try pairing a seasonal cookie jar or canister with an edible. This is also a great piece of holiday merchandising to put on display...it’s like a decoration and product pairing all in one!

Dispensary gift guide category: bath, beauty and lifestyle

Bath, Beauty and Lifestyle

This category is great for those shopping for a significant other. Try pairing a medicated bath bomb with a scented candle and a loofa.

Creating a Gift Guide

Now that you have decided what your gift options are going to be, you can create a gift guide to help promote them to customers. If there was just one rule to creating a dispensary gift guide, it would be to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Remember that less is often more. If your offers are too in depth, it may lead the viewer to become confused and overwhelmed.

Group your gifts and gift pairings into sections that will be easy for your customers to navigate and understand. This may surprise you, but categorizing your guide into sections can sometimes be even more important than the actual products themselves. After all, the sections are what enable someone to locate their perfect product in a catalog or gift guide. Below are 3 ways to identify what your gift guide sections will be.  

Categorize By

Persona Demographics

Segment your gift-giving customers and their gift recipients into personas to help you create categories. Let’s look at the persona 'Novice Nancy,' for an example. Novice Nancy is new to cannabis and doesn't understand the difference between indica and sativa, therefore you wouldn't want to scare her away with live resin and high-THC concentrates. For a 'Tourist Tom' persona, you might showcase single-use products such as disposable vape pens, pre-rolls, or small edibles.

When using persona targeting during the holiday season, keep in mind that 51% of surveyed gift-givers bought items they wouldn’t use themselves. Therefore, your product offering and targeting should be different than the rest of the year – as customers won't just be buying for themselves, they will be buying for friends and family too. Just because topicals are not a hit with your regulars doesn’t mean they won’t make great gifts for their loved ones.


Holiday Guide - Ch 3 Price Tip

Categorize By

Interests and Hobbies

Create categories for your holiday gift guide the way many other catalogs do – by interests and hobbies. If you don't have access to customer information, look into a customer relationship management software (CRM) like Baker to help you capture this information. If you're stuck, you can also use your dispensary location to help you. If you’re a dispensary in a mountain town, for example, you can create a promotion like, “The perfect gift ideas for skiers, climbers, and runners.”




Categorize By


The last categorization option can be broken down by price range. Always include around 3-5 different options to meet the desired spend for your customers. This provides an easy way for your customers to select what is available within their budget. A few examples of price ranges could be: under $25, under $75, and under $150.




Holiday Promotions and Communications


This time of year, you’ll have to do more than simply put on a sale to stand out – after all, every retailer is running a sale during the holidays. This section will help you get creative with your promotions, identify what to promote, and how you can best communicate your promotions to customers.

Why Holiday Communications and Promotions Matter

Customers want to know what to expect when it comes to shopping with you this season. Specifically, they are curious about your holiday product offering, savings, convenience, and exclusiveness you will be offering. This might be a knockout deal, a special holiday in-store activation, or special loyalty reward.

What to Communicate and Promote to Customers

Sometimes, it’s not about the flashy deals and blowout sales. Sometimes what will set you apart from others convincing a customer to shop with you over another dispensary is simply that you offer an in-store express checkout or online ordering from your website. Sometimes it will be something as small as letting your customers know what your modified holiday hours are.

It’s important to think about promotions and communications simultaneously because actively promoting things specific to holiday shopping will also provide a direct line of answering common customer questions. Keep phones from ringing off the hook this season by communicating frequently asked questions related to the holidays through your promotions. Some of the questions customers will inevitably have are: What special deals are you offering this holiday season? Will you have deals on Cyber Monday if I order online? Do you have any new products or exclusives for the holiday season? What are your holiday hours of operation?

With these in mind, here are some common topics to cover in your holiday promotions – whether it be through an advertisement, on social media, on your website, or through a text message to your customers.

Communicate this:

Holiday Store Hours

Whether you extend or reduce your store hours at any time during the holiday season, this should be clearly communicated to your customers. It should also be easily found on your website. On the days you have limited or reduced hours, you wouldn’t want a customer to drive out to your dispensary at 8 pm (because you usually are open till 9 pm) only to show up to a “closed” sign. You can either send a text message to remind customers of your changed hours, or include this information as a part of another promotion. For example, “Happy Wax Wednesday! Today, take 10% off any concentrates before we close at 8pm.”


Holiday Guide - Ch 4 Hours image


Holiday Guide - Ch 4 gift offering image

Communicate This:

Product and Gift Offerings

If you have any products that are specific to the holiday season, now is the time to promote these items. This could include holiday-themed strains, your own branded “Holiday Survival Kit,” or any other seasonal items. One promo idea that you could start running as early as Black Friday is a BOGO promotion unique to the gift-giving season...“Buy one, get one for a friend.”

Communicate This:

Holiday Specials, Sales and Rewards

During most times of the year, a sale is enough to make you stand out from your competitors. But during the holiday season, when every retailer has big sales, a simple sale isn’t enough to make you stand apart. You could offer larger sales with greater discounts, but this strategy would not result in getting the most out of the holiday season. Instead, get creative with your holiday specials to make them more desirable to customers. Create loyalty rewards and giveaways that are unique to the holidays. You could even offer in-store gift wrapping services to anyone that purchases one of your featured gift sets.  

Remember that these holiday promotions don’t have to end along with the month of December. Continue promoting sales the week after the holidays through a post-holiday offer. You can do this across all of your promotion channels, but perhaps the easiest and most effective way is through holiday purchases, such as a receipt or exit bag coupon.

Holiday Guide - Tip
Holiday Guide - Ch 4 Giving Back Image

Communicate This: 

Philanthropic Promotions

Consider how you can give back to your community this holiday season. You might organize a food drive, coat drive, donate proceeds to a charity or nonprofit, or even organize a staff volunteering event. During this ‘giving’ time of year, we are all reminded to be kind and generous. Your charitable attributes may even make your customers choose to buy from your dispensary over another. If you’re supporting a good cause, they’ll want to join in on supporting the good cause as well. You can encourage your customers to help support you in your charitable efforts by throwing in a discount. If a customer donates an item to your drive, you might thank them by offering them a penny pre-roll with their next purchase.

Communicate This: 

Holiday Experiences and Activations

Experiential marketing is on the rise…because it genuinely works! It establishes brand recognition and builds a positive reputation for your brand. These experiences and activations can be used for holiday-themed loyalty rewards, or you can open up to the experience to everyone. One holiday-themed activation idea is a spin off  your traditional meet-the-grower, meets shopping mall Santa. You could call it ‘Santa the Grower!’ Gift wrapping and holiday events can also fall under this category.

Holiday Guide - v2 ch 4 promo Tip


Promoting Your Holiday Specials and Gift Guide




Think through the entire customer experience when promoting the holidays at your dispensary. Starting with the beginning of the journey, leave some collateral in the waiting room for customers to browse while they wait. This gives them more time to explore your product offering and will make the wait time feel shorter. Other promotion fundamentals are collateral and digital signage which can be placed both in the waiting room and throughout the dispensary. Once they’re in the showroom, an easy way to promote your gifts is through your merchandising or through in-store kiosk menus where your customers can also place in-store express orders. Finally, have your budtenders talk to customers about your holiday specials. The collateral and merchandising throughout your store will also naturally spark conversation and bring up questions for the budtenders.













In today’s retail market, it is crucial to have an online presence. Host your guide on your website, and consider creating a dedicated landing page for your holiday promotions. A dedicated page will add an element of legitimacy and can help with SEO rankings, which will drive more traffic to your website and menu. Additionally, having a dedicated web page allows your to direct traffic from popups and banners to the place they can get the information they’re looking for – your holiday promotions page and/or gift guide.

Share your holiday promotions and gift guide on social media, in your blog, and in a customer newsletter. Keep in mind that your social media posts should not all be to promoting your sales. Mix in pictures of your team, holiday decorations, and other festivities that show off your holiday fun. You can even add a link in these posts to your holiday promotions page or gift guide. Check out more social media tips for the cannabis industry here.

SMS messages are one of the best ways to share information with your customers any time of year. We usually recommend including a link to your website’s menu, where customers can instantly view all your dispensary deals, and place an online order. This time of year, try swapping your menu link with the link to your promotions page or holiday guide.


Running Smooth Operations

From staffing to floor and inventory management, things can get chaotic during the holidays. Here is what you can expect to prepare for this season and ways to help you keep things running smoothly on your dispensary floor.

Why Operations Matter

Promotions and other marketing tactics help you bring in swarms of customers you need to hit your holiday sales goals. However, it's your operations that will determine your success or failure in achieving these goals. When things get busy, how will you handle it?

What to Expect

Remember what it was like on the days leading up to 4/20? Expect that...only it lasts 4 times as long. With most holidays, the holiday is just that – a day. You likely experience more traffic than usual on the days leading up to it, and in some cases, on the day itself. But this time of year, there are many holidays all in a row and it truly becomes a holiday season. It's also a season that revolves around shopping and retail. Needless to say, you should plan to have all hands on deck.

There are other factors that come into play that will affect your operations and preparation requirements. For example, there is more volatility and unpredictability on the store floor. Your usual slow times (where you’d staff fewer team members) can instantaneously spike in customer traffic. Staff can also be less reliable this time of year. Last minute call-ins and tardiness are more frequent this time of year due to snowy and icy weather conditions. Cars can get stuck, accidents are more frequent, and delays in public transportation are more common.

Therefore, the number one conclusion is to expect the unexpected...and you should expect to prepare for this. Always create a Plan B to fall back on if things go haywire. Introduce operational efficiencies which will allow you to address things that come up last minute.  Even if your dispensary was operating last holiday season, you shouldn't just base your expectations on last year. The industry is maturing and the landscape is changing, which will inevitably result in changes in trends and norms.


Staff Scheduling

Staff scheduling is a difficult and important task during the holidays. Doing it properly is required to run a smooth floor and maximize your number of transactions. However, as discussed there is a lot of volatility with staffing during this time of year.

You can help stabilize this volatility by scheduling on-call team members and optimizing your staff schedule for the holiday season. Some things to keep in mind when creating your schedule are: hours of operation, staff needs and requests for time off, increased customer traffic, and changing floor flows.

A good first step is to determine what your holiday hours of operation will look like. Some days you may have extended hours to accommodate more shoppers and boost your transactions. Other days, you’ll want to give your staff the time to be with friends and family and therefore, you will need to have reduced hours.

Before you write the schedule, it’s always helpful to get information from your staff as to their needs this season. Many people will want to take time off to spend with their families. On the other hand, some team members will be willing to work more if needed, and may actually want to work more. Find out who these people are using this information to create a schedule that will be appreciated by your whole team.


Holiday Guide - Ch 5 Security Tip


Holiday Guide - V2 Ch 5 Training image


Staff Training

An operational best practice for dispensaries is to organize a holiday staff training session. This will help your team adopt any operational efficiencies you’ve put in place to speed up transactions and keep things running smoothly.

Sales-oriented topics should also be a component of this training. Make sure your staff is clear on what your various promotions are. This includes holiday products, gift pairings and special loyalty rewards. Help them identify upsell opportunities unique to all of these holiday offerings and promotions. Prepare them for how to respond to questions on the gift guide and be sure they’re promoting it to everyone in and out of the store.

You’ll also want to cover your backup plans, including on-call staff responsibilities. Explain how your team members should encourage customers to use online-ordering and in-store kiosk ordering to place express pick-up and delivery orders. Set your expectations on what you think an average day will look like and how your staff should respond. Give them some examples of what happened last year and lessons learned. A handout with who’s expected when and where can be an extra touch towards your preparedness and a way to avoid any future mishaps.

Speedy Transactions

Fast transactions will help you to keep things running smoothly on your store floor. One way to speed up your transaction times is to introduce an express ordering program. This will reduce the time required to fulfill each transaction, which not only improves your operations, but improves the customer experience as well. The Baker CRM platform can help facilitate faster transactions in dispensaries through online ordering for pickup and delivery, and in-store express ordering through kiosks.

Despite introducing these efforts to improve transaction times, and reduce lines, it's still likely for customers to experience higher wait times than usual. To make the wait more bearable, try bringing in things to occupy customers and patients as they wait. This tactic is employed in the restaurant industry and by top retailers – especially if the retail store requires staff assistance. Some things we have seen in waiting areas are cornhole, Jenga, pinball machines, and other games.

Manage the Chaos

It's inevitable that your team will get overwhelmed and stressed at some point this holiday season. It would be ideal if we could all breathe deeply and smile through the chaos...but this is often not the reality. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help keep the calm. Make sure your staff has enough time off during breaks and between shifts to recharge. Help keep motivation levels high by bringing in small and thoughtful gifts for your staff that will help them get through the day, such as pizza and coffee. And never underestimate the power of music. Play upbeat music to help keep your staff and customers moving at a steady pace. Avoid slow or melancholy songs all season long, not only will it kill the vibe, but it can even make your staff sleepy and move slowly.

In addition to the small gifts, it's important to show appreciation for your staff's hard work in other ways. Try having a holiday party or activity for your staff such as a Secret Santa exchange. Usually, attendance is higher if there is an associated activity. Some ideas are paintballing, go-kart racing, bowling, laser tag, or hit up the arcade.



Holiday Guide - Ch 6 music Tip

Product Inventory Data


Stocking your store with enough (but not too much) of the right products is key to optimizing your sales and revenue during the holiday season. Here are some insights and data to help your inventory staff place their orders.

Why Product Inventory Matters

Your wholesale orders should look a little different this time of year. Not only do you need the inventory to support your holiday specials, but there are also seasonal considerations to make. To help us provide you with the best insights, we partnered with Headset, a leading analytics service provider for the cannabis industry. Here are some insights to help guide your ordering and prepare you for holiday-level order volumes.

The Biggest Time of the Year

The 'biggest time of the year' is the week leading up to Christmas. According to Headset, while basket sizes remain steady during the holidays, there is an exception on the week before Christmas. Headset data from last year shows us that basket sizes increase by 5%. Despite record-high sales (averaging at a 12% discount, compared to a 10% discount for the rest of the holiday season), average weekly sales this week still increase by 11.2%!

Product Categories

Beverages, Edibles and Pre-Rolls

In general, you can expect sales to rise in nearly every product category, and this trend is especially significant with beverages, edibles, and pre-rolls. While you may have seen a sales slump in these categories over the last few months, this will change. As you can see from the graph of Headset data, sales in these categories shoot up to record levels in December.


Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 3.18.06 PM

Holiday Guide - Ch 6 gift image


Gift-Related Products

From the Headset data, we do see spikes in sales for some product categories related to gift-giving. These include cannagars, topicals and many types of edibles. The most significant sales increase among gift-related products is in bath salts, soaks and scrubs.


Warm and Cozy Beverages

As noted, we see an increase in beverage sales during the holiday season. However, it’s very important to note that there are different types of beverages, so don’t increase your inventory for all beverages! Our cold-weather-friends, like tea, coffee and hot cocoa, are the ones to increase your wholesale orders for!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 3.12.37 PM
Holiday Guide - Ch 6 snowflake image icon


Need More Moisture!

This time of year, when the weather is dry, it’s no wonder that we see an increase in topical sales. The week leading up to Christmas shows an over 100% increase in lip balm sales!




Conclusion and Key Takeaways

By following these tips and guidance, you are helping to set yourself up for success this holiday season. Here are the key takeaways from each chapter.

1 | Store Decorations

Holiday decorations are a great way to get in the holiday spirit and connect with your consumer base. Make sure they complement your brand and meet your brand standards just as any other interior decorating should.

2 | In-Store Merchandising

Product merchandising plays an important role in the customer purchasing process. Highlight products and their features to customers through signage, removing the product from packaging and placing it on a raised display.

3 | Holiday Gifts

Gift merchandising is key during the holidays. Create gift pairings that complement how people use the product in their everyday lives. Create a holiday gift guide to showcase what you're offering this season.

4 | Holiday Promotions and Communications

Holiday promotions are about more than just sales and good deals. Use in-store and online methods to promote your gift offerings, holiday activations, philanthropic activity and even your holiday store hours.

5 | Running Smooth Operations

Planning and preparation will help keep the floor running smoothly this holiday season. Create backup plans, prepare your staff, and implement tactics like online ordering that will speed up your transaction times.

6 | Product Inventory Data Insights

In addition to ordering the products you promote for the holidays, pay attention to seasonal trends. Increase your inventory of edibles, cold-weather beverages, pre-rolls and gift-related products like bath salts.