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The Baker platform provides a seamless transition between all of the best tools a dispensary owner needs to run their business.

Solving an Industry-Wide Problem

Many dispensaries are faced with using a variety of tools that don't talk to each other, making it difficult to tell what's working. Baker is solving this problem with an expanded integrations program and API. Ultimately, dispensaries can use Baker as a single source oftruth while still maintaining full control over their data.

Point of Sale
Cova helps retailers simplify compliance, reduce cost, and increase revenue through automated compliance, inventory management, mobile reporting dashboards, and Express Checkout app. 

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Green Bits
Point of Sale
Green Bits creates technology that helps cannabis retailers thrive. Stay compliant, grow revenue, and delight customers with the Green Bits retail management platform.

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MJ Freeway
Point of Sale
MJ Freeway manages inventory, customer records, marketing campaigns, and staff in one cannabis tracking system. Their data dashboards enable customer tracking projections, expected sales, gross profit analytics, and staff performance comparisons.

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Point of Sale
LeafLogix is a seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution supporting growers, distributors, processors, and retailers in recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, hemp and CBD. 

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Point of Sale
TREEZ is an enterprise software platform that is designed to adapt to your model, whether you run a sleek, high volume operation or a friendly neighborhood shop. Reduce unnecessary labor, reduce manual errors, reduce your growing pains.

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Adilas 160x120 small
Point of Sale
Adilas is a powerful, customizable, dynamic software that allows data to be tracked, connected, accessed, and searched in the cloud. Their integrated system allows businesses to track all items from purchase to stocking to sales and so much more.

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Customer Acquisition
Leafly is the largest cannabis platform in the world, surpassing 12 million visits each month. Companies across the cannabis industry trust Leafly to help them connect with consumers and build their brands.
Point of Sale
Flowhub designs and builds user-friendly business management and compliance products crafted specifically for the regulated cannabis industry. Increase compliance, revenue, and insights with Flowhub Retail.

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Onfleet is a software to manage and analyze your local delivery operations.
Eyechronic Logo BLK (1)
Eyechronic is a dispensary technology company offering customizable integrated digital menus, patient/customer traffic flow analytics and a media network that can be used to help promote specials, engage customers and drive sales lift

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Customer Acquisition
PotGuide offers complete dispensary directories, 420-friendly lodging options, cannabis-related events and activities, plus dispensary deals. Businesses can claim their listing(s) for free then take advantage of additional complimentary advertising options including menu integration.

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Customer Acquisition
Wikileaf is the first price comparison tool for medical and recreational cannabis. Now operating in the United States as well as Canada, Wikileaf connects consumers & patients to transparent pricing, strain research, and up-to-date industry news and information.

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Peak Beyond
Digital Signage
Peak Beyond is a developer of interactive smart tables for cannabis retail spaces providing consumers with the educational benefit of a digital patient consultant.
Digital Signage
GreenScreens is a digital information software company providing dispensaries with the ability to update store menus, announcements, and daily specials in seconds.
Digital Signage
APOP Media is a network of TV and menu systems located in dispensary waiting rooms, med rooms, and doctor’s offices throughout California and reaches cannabis consumers at the point of purchase.
Budboard logo
Digital Signage
Budboard develops technology for dispensaries to combine brand and operations, turning internal data into a living expression of the brand.
budtendertv_logo@2x-8 (1)
Digital Signage
BudtenderTV is the world’s most advanced dispensary advertising system, designed to help you reduce perceived wait times, drive customer conversations, and sell more product.

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foottraffik-logo-black (1) (1)
Foot Traffik
Agency & Design
Foot Traffik helps customers find, engage, and shop at your dispensary. 
Agency & Design
EVB uses creativity, technology, and their grasp of culture to make brands meaningful, profitable, and famous.
Agency & Design
Sherpa is a full-service creative agency focused on cannabusinesses. Offering Web Design, SEO, Branding, and more to Industry-leading clients.
Agency & Design
Sensites is a full-service design and marketing agency specializing in the cannabis industry. 
StickyGuide Business_logo_1
Customer Acquisition"
StickyGuide provides medical cannabis ratings and reviews.
Customer Acquisition
Allbud is a comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, strains, and doctors. 
Rootery Logo
Customer Acquisition
Rootery allows you to review and discover new cannabis products.

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Customer Acquisition
Cannabiscope connects the cannabis industry with a platform that adequately displays information along the supply chain from seed to session.
Adam & Weed
Customer Acquisition
Adam & Weed is a cannabis concierge service.
Cannopoly Logo_CircleIcon-1
Customer Acquisition
Cannopoly connects dispensaries and brands with cannabis consumers through digital marketing and unique mobile rebates. They help clients understand their customers through data capture and retarget to increase sales and gain traffic.
Cannaverse-Solutions-logo - Mike Sekula
Cannaverse Solutions
Agency & Design
Cannaverse Solutions creates brand strategy and design marketing assets for new and existing cannabis businesses. In addition, they develop and conduct a marketing plan to establish the brand's identity in the minds of consumers.
Cannalign logo
Customer Acquisition
CannAlign is a online directory for cannabis shoppers to help them find licensed retailers where they can see real-time menus, shop online, and find products that are relative to their needs.
DivvyLeafLogoDark (1)
Divvy Digital
Digital Signage
Divvy Digital makes it easy for anyone to display their Product Menus or Promotions on Custom Branded TV Screens. Mention Baker and Get a Free 30 Day Trial.

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