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POS Integration

It's never been easier to generate more revenue with Flowhub and Baker.

Integration Benefits


Simplify Your Operations

An effective online menu integration can help speed up the sales process in your dispensary. Baker and Flowhub sync automatically, so you will never spend another minute updating your menu again.


Sync Your Inventory

Integrating your dispensary menu with Flowhub is consistent, reliable and completely customizable to fit the needs of your business. Give your customers a better experience and build brand loyalty with a real-time menu with images and descriptions.


Drive New Sales

E-commerce is the fastest growing channel in retail today. With Baker’s Shop and real-time inventory sync with Flowhub, you can turn your dispensary's website into an e-commerce destination with just one line of code.

Not using Flowhub?

Flowhub designs and builds user-friendly business management and compliance products crafted specifically for the regulated cannabis industry. Increase compliance, revenue, and insights with Flowhub Retail.

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