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Customer Acquisition Integration

It's never been easier to generate more revenue with Wikileaf and Baker.

Integration Benefits


Seamless Menu Integration

Integrating your dispensary menu with Wikileaf is consistent, reliable and completely customizable to fit the needs of your business. An effective online menu integration improves the consumer experience, builds brand loyalty and can help speed up the sales process in your dispensary. Best of all? The menu integration via Baker is completely free to utilize!


Real-time Menu Updates

We understand that some of the most important assets of a dispensary are its staff, which is why we built our menu integration to update seamlessly behind the scenes of your bustling business. Say goodbye to having your employees update online menus. With real-time menu updates from Wikileaf, you can save time and keep your budtenders on the sales floor helping customers. Just set it and forget it, it’s that easy!


Extended Audience Reach

Engage with consumers who are actively seeking to learn about and interact with reputable cannabis businesses. Broadcasting your dispensary to Wikileaf’s consumer base is a great way to strengthen brand credibility, increase customer acquisition and help boost your bottom line.

Not using Wikileaf?

Wikileaf is the first price comparison tool for medical and recreational cannabis. Now operating in the United States as well as Canada, Wikileaf connects consumers & patients to transparent pricing, strain research, and up-to-date industry news and information.

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