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Mercy Wellness


Mercy Wellness Achieves Rapid Growth in Online Ordering

Mercy Wellness has successfully built a large following in their local community by focusing on customer experience and a superior product offering. Inevitably this success resulted in wait times of over an hour and hindered their ability to increase daily transactions. Implementing Baker online ordering helped Mercy Wellness significantly reduce customer wait times while maintaining their widely recognized brand. The online ordering menu custom branded ‘Mercy Express’ is powered by Baker but embodies their brand colors, logo, and unique verbiage. Launching Mercy Express resulted in an enhanced customer experience, increased daily transactions, and more streamlined operations.



The key benefits to using the Baker CRM for dispensaries – a client success story



the background 

About Mercy Wellness of Cotati

Mercy Wellness of Cotati is a California-based medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary, known for an innovative and high-quality approach to running their business. For over a year this has included utilizing Checkin, Connect and Online Ordering through Baker. Despite inevitable changes to the California cannabis industry, Mercy has been able to maintain an elevated in-store atmosphere for their loyal customer base.

Mercy Wellness is a Baker dispensary  client based out of California
The dispensary Mercy Wellness faced long wait times and looked to Baker for a solution

the problem

The Obstacles Mercy Wellness Faced

Mercy's acclaimed reputation within the community led to high foot traffic and long wait times in their dispensary. Despite ample staffing and bringing on additional registers, the long waits continued especially as their customer base grew. Mercy Wellness was looking for a solution to streamline their order process and improve the customer experience.

the solution

How Baker Solutions Helped

Mercy Wellness identified Baker’s online ordering as a solution that would address their obstacles while maintaining their brand identity. This centered around embedding Baker's customizable online ordering menu directly onto their website. They continued to expand engagement and online sales with this tool through Checkin and Connect messaging.

The Mercy Wellness Checkin stations enable customers to sign up for their online ordering program powered by Baker, called Mercy Express


The Baker CRM platform for the cannabis industry results in faster and more transactions and a better customer experience

the results

The Business Results

With Baker, Mercy Wellness expected to reduce wait times – what they didn’t expect was to see such significant results across operations and customer experience. Their staff and customers quickly adopted the platform and continue to increase their use over time, resulting in:

• Over 3,000 active online ordering users

• 70% increase in online ordering revenue over 3 months

• Shorter customer wait times

• Increased daily traffic and transactions

• Smoother, more successful busy days

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