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Top 5 Marketing Insights from Hubspot Inbound

Last week in Boston, Hubspot held their annual Inbound event. Thousands of marketers gathered to learn about the latest trends and strategies in inbound marketing. We went from panel to panel gathering some of the top marketing insights that apply to ...

4 Top Cannabis Companies Merge to Produce the First Fully Integrated Platform

I’m extremely excited to announce that Baker will merge with three other leading cannabis businesses to form TILT Holdings, one of the largest technology and infrastructure companies in the industry.

How Traditional Retail & Leapfrogging Affect Growth in the Cannabis Industry

In the early days of cannabis retail, there was no true “commerce.” Data, in the sense that we understand it today, was non-existent.  

Leading Cannabis Marketing Platform Baker Doubles Office Space

We are excited to announce that the Baker team has relocated to a new office in downtown Denver! Over the past few years we have grown tremendously as a company. In 2014, with a team of three, we graduated from the notable startup accelerator 500 ...

Baker Becomes One of the Most Funded Companies in the Cannabis Space

We are pleased to announce that Baker has recently raised $8 million in in Series A funding. This latest round brings our total capital raised to $11.75 million, making Baker one of the most funded companies in the cannabis space.
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