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4 Top Cannabis Companies Merge to Produce the First Fully Integrated Platform

I’m extremely excited to announce that Baker will merge with three other leading cannabis businesses to form TILT Holdings, one of the largest technology and infrastructure companies in the industry.


I’m personally reaching out to let you know that nothing about Baker is changing (not our name, our fantastic team, our product). The only difference is that we will now have unparalleled resources to continue to build the best products and services that help you run your business.


As we announced in February, our goal is to provide our clients a single platform that connects all of the tools and data you use on a daily basis, to streamline workflows and save you time. This merger brings us even closer to achieving that goal, and we can’t wait to share more updates soon.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or your Customer Success Manager.


Thank you again for being a part of the Baker family, and we look forward to continuing to serve this amazing industry.


Joel Milton
Baker, CEO & Co-Founder

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