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Leading Cannabis Marketing Platform Baker Doubles Office Space

We are excited to announce that the Baker team has relocated to a new office in downtown Denver! Over the past few years we have grown tremendously as a company. In 2014, with a team of three, we graduated from the notable startup accelerator 500 Startups in San Francisco and made our way to Denver to kickstart our business in the heart of the cannabis industry. We made our first strategic hire, Carter Davidson, VP of Sales, who has helped Baker pioneer the path to success. As most early startups do, we secured an office space at WeWork. Just two years later, and after approaching 60 employees and closing our Series A funding, we are thrilled to have moved into our own space — a 10,000sq.ft, custom-designed office in the heart of Denver.




Personally, coming from a background in architecture, I knew we couldn’t settle on the drab, fluoro-lit, and cubicle-laiden office that is almost expected. Our team holds a high design standard all the way from our product to our branding. Being able to create our own space allowed us to transpose our brand from a digital presence to a collaborative work environment designed to fuel creative ideas and vibrant conversations.


When building out the new space, we factored in flexible workspaces, greenery, sit-to-stand desks, and conversation areas. Inspired by the team’s input, several forward-thinking spaces were created to promote flow working states and instill high energy levels throughout the week, including:

  • Meditation room to provide a space to unwind
  • Swing to bring back childlike fun
  • Forest room to ground ourselves and set a peaceful environment for conversations
  • Open kitchen stocked with healthy snacks to provide fuel throughout the day
  • Air hockey / ping pong room to keep the workday fun and energetic


Special callout to the following partners who helped Baker create such a beautiful space. It has been a pleasure to work with you and create this new home for Baker.

  • Sisters Construction for leading the build-out with so much creativity
  • City Plantscaping for providing our greenery/oxygen
  • OhMyGreen for supplying our healthy snacks and fresh beverages
  • Ethan Mason for his craftsmanship and custom-made coffee tables
  • Lana Blum for the stunning Baker-branded art installation at our entrance
  • Speech Privacy Systems for providing intelligent noise cancelling technology


To celebrate this milestone, Baker will be hosting an invite-only happy hour for clients and partners in early February. The new Denver HQ office, along with our soon-to-be open offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, marks the next chapter for Baker and what we plan to bring to our clients. 

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