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We Take Data Security Seriously

At Baker Technologies we are committed to protecting consumer and business data. We believe in maintaining transparency and reliability as a trusted service partner for cannabis retailers. We take data security and protection seriously. That’s why we have implemented robust measures of our data management to protect consumer data, prevent technology outages, unauthorized access to or disclosure of your data.

In the cannabis industry, compliance and data security are of top priority. Not only do we abide by the laws and standards that apply to us, we are continuously updating our systems to stay ahead of the market needs. Our technology infrastructure is designed with an agile data layer that can handle the demands of the growing cannabis industry, providing a real-time scalable platform. This provides our customers the ability to shift and adapt based on their business needs.

Our Privacy Principles Include:

We implement multi-layered organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect the data in our control. Access to production data is restricted by industry leading technologies including VPNs, firewalls, and encryption. Databases are encrypted at rest and encrypted backups are created nightly.
We restrict access to data sources that include personally identifiable information to key employees with a legitimate business purpose.
Each technology service and product is broken into separate automatic scaling groups. This structure allows for individual service usage fluctuation to have no impact on the performance of other services or products.  
We collect analytics to better understand how our technology is used. This allows us to identify and develop the features and improvements our customers need most. The information collected includes how often the software is used, the events that occur within the software, aggregated usage, and performance data.

To improve our services, marketing, and product functionality, some analytics data may be linked to accounts that include personal information provided by the account holder.
You have full ownership of your business and customer data. We will never sell your customers’ contact information to anyone.
We may share data with third parties under the following circumstances:

We may engage third parties to perform services in connection with the operation of our business. Examples of these services include: (a) content providers, (b) product customization, (c) marketing and promotional material distribution, (d) website evaluation, (e) data collection, storage, management, analysis and, where applicable, cleansing, and (f) any other services designed to assist us in maximizing our business potential. These third parties may have access to our site’s user information to the extent it is needed to perform their duties and functions.

We may disclose non-identifying, aggregated user statistics to third parties for a variety of purposes, including describing our services to prospective partners and other third parties. Examples of such non-personal information include the number of users who visited our site during a specific time period or purchased a specific product through our site.

We provide consumers the ability to access and update their personal information (cell phone number, email, name, etc).