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Baker Platform

Designed for dispensaries, the Baker platform helps you communicate with your customers, offer discounts and promos, provide online ordering, and enhance your in-store experience.

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With expertise in retail, cannabis, and technology we understand what it takes to attract and retain loyal customers.

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Build brand loyalty

  • Bring back twice as many shoppers with an optimized loyalty program.
  • Learn more about your customers and give them a reason to come back with customizable rewards.
  • Our team will set you up with a branded loyalty program that aligns your business needs, with your customers’ desires to ensure success.
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“Prior to Baker we had a points-per-dollar based loyalty program, when we switched our loyal customers loved the new system and we actually saved money.”

- Briana Burke, Manager
Jayne, Portland OR


Send the right message, at the right time, to the right customer

  • Lift marketing conversions 12x with targeted messages.
  • Segment your customers by their shopping habits or favorite products.
  • Turn slow sales days into busy ones with relevant messaging.
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“With Baker I can use filters to send the right messages to the right customers… and every time we send a message we see thousands of dollars in sales.”

- Adam C., General Manager
Native Roots, Denver CO


Offer the most convenient shopping experience in cannabis

  • Generate up to an additional $70,000 per month with online ordering.
  • Transform your website from a static webpage to an e-commerce destination.
  • Increase order sizes by 40% with your branded shopping experience.
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“Aimed specifically at dispensaries and tailored to the unique needs of the marijuana industry, Shop lets pot-selling establishments set up online storefronts, list what they have in stock, track their sales, and streamline their process for pickups and deliveries.”

- Fast Company


Align your business decisions with customer data

  • Gain insight into your customers’ shopping habits.
  • Understand which promotions and messages resonate with your customers.
  • Use the data to make future marketing campaigns more successful.
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“With Baker we know who our customers are, and what they like, so it’s fairly easy to keep them coming back to our dispensary.”

- Jeff Morris, Manager
The Health Center, Denver CO