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Build your customer base and turn anonymous customers into loyal repeat customers with a customizable loyalty program.




50% of customers that
walk into a retail store
never return.



Understand Your Customers

Learn more about your customers and build your base. 


Offer Loyalty

Give your customers a reason to come back with customizable rewards. 


Increase Repeat Customers 

Bring back twice as many shoppers with an optimized loyalty program. 


Showcase Your

Build your brand loyalty and enhance your in-store experience.


  • Cell Checkin

    Collect a cell phone number for each med or adult-use customer in-store or at events 

  • Dispensary Branding

    Put your brand first by including your logo and colors

  • Customizable Categories

    Understand your customers with customizable product and lifestyle interests

  • Loyalty Program

    Show customers what they will earn for their continued loyalty

  • Email Capture

    Expand your customer profile information with the ability to capture email 

  • Customer Profile

    Allow your customers to track their loyalty points and preferences all in one place

Not sure what loyalty structure is best for you? Explore spend-based vs. visit-based loyalty.

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