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Capture information in-store and at events that allows you to grow your customer list


50% of customers that walk into a retail store never return.
Our tools help you give them a reason to keep coming back.



Acquire Customers

With an eye-catching in-store display, encourage customers to sign up to receive special updates and watch as you build your customer list


Capture Insights

By allowing customers to select their personal interests, you are able to understand who they are and what products and offers will resonate with them


Stay Compliant

Baker enables you to collect customer information through a fully TCPA compliant process


Simple Setup

Setup Checkin within the Baker Kitchen with just a few clicks.

Customizable Branding

Put your brand first with our completely white-labeled solution; customize your Checkin displays to match your brand colors and logo.

Performance Results

Understand the total number of checkins by device so you can understand which placement within your store has the most engagement.

Built-In Loyalty

If you have a loyalty program already setup with Baker, customers can easily opt-in and view available rewards balance as part of the Checkin process.

Questions on how to run a successful event? Learn everything you need to know to prep for your next event.

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