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Increase customer engagement with targeted text messaging


Personalized text campaigns see 12x more conversions than email.



Engage Your Customers

Directly from the Baker Kitchen, send targeted text messages to your customers with updates on specials, deals, events, and more


Create Cost Efficiencies

Leveraging customer-identified interests, you can send messages to customers you know will want to hear from you, without wasting money on those who don’t


Drive Revenue

Message customers on slow days to alert them of time-sensitive specials, and with customizable links in each message, you can drive customers to your website in seconds


Compliant Enrollment

Your customers can opt-in to messaging in seconds through in-store Checkin or on your website through Collect.

Robust Filters and Lists

Get as granular as you like, message customers based on loyalty tiers and point balance, selected interests, attended events, and more.

Operational Efficiencies

With the ability to save drafts, copy messages, and pre-schedule campaigns, you can build out your text message campaigns as far in advance as you’d like.

Performance Analytics

Understand how your message resonated with your audience through impactful insights.

Why Texting is the Most Powerful Tool for Your Dispensaries 

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