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Turn anonymous shoppers into loyal repeat customers with a fully customizable loyalty program


Double the number of repeat customers for your dispensary with loyalty incentives.



Attract New Customers

Promote your loyalty program on your website with Collect and in-store with Checkin to drive more sign-ups


Encourage Sales

With points-per-dollar earning, customers are motivated to spend more to get more rewards


Increase Repeat Business

Customers are incentivized to continue shopping with you instead of your competition so they can build up their points to reach that next reward


Flexible Earning

Build the program that works best for your business, decide if customers earn points by dollars spent, store visits, or both.

Top Integrations

To simplify your operational workflows, we have partnered with the top POS in the industry to power points per dollar loyalty.

To see all of our POS partners, visit here.

Loyalty Tiers

We know every customer isn't the same, reward your big spenders with custom rewards.

Custom Design

Customize almost every aspect of the program, including setting up point magnifiers during specific hours and days.

Learn how you can turn first-time shoppers into loyal lifetime customers.

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