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Online Ordering, Menus, and Delivery

Baker's customer acquisition, engagement, and retention tools combined with Blackbird's online menu and delivery services provide a comprehensive solution for any dispensary.

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Blackbird Solutions

Blackbird offers operations and software solutions
that facilitate the movement of cannabis products at each touch point within the supply chain.


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Increase sales beyond the confines of your brick-and-mortar location with Blackbird's easy-to-use online ordering and menus. Blackbird can also complete the last mile and deliver direct to your customer's door in two hours or less.



Blackbird removes operational pain points around distribution fulfillment, transportation, and delivery, allowing cannabis operators to focus on what is important: building their brand and servicing their customers.


Not using Blackbird?

No problem! Blackbird is actually Baker's sister company since we merged with them early in 2019, because of this, your existing Baker team can get you set up with Blackbird menus and delivery.

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