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Generate new sales from your website with a branded menu that syncs with your POS.


More than 25% of customers won't visit your dispensary if they’re concerned with product availability.




Keep Customers Happy

Create a better shopping experience by allowing customers to skip the line with pre-ordering.


Drive New Sales

Turn page views into dollars and generate more revenue with less work.


Simplify Your Operations

Speed up the sales process in your dispensary with a reliable, real-time menu sync.


Showcase Your Brand

Personalize your storefront by customizing content, brand colors & language to match your brand.


  • 2-Way Chat

    Communicate with your customers after they place their orders

  • Multiple Fulfillment Options

    Offer 21st century convenience with in-store pickup or delivery

  • Quick Checkout

    Allow customers to checkout faster with our 'Buy Now' button

  • Advanced Product Filters

    Make finding products easy with filters by category, weight, data and more

  • Digital Loyalty

    Keep your customers coming back with points, rewards, and promos

  • Built For Your Region

    Let us worry about the regulations in every market so you can focus on running your dispensary

Not sure if you need online ordering? Learn why every cannabis retailer should have online ordering.


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