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Why Dispensaries Love Baker

Don't just take our word. See what dispensaries have to say about the Baker platform.

Over 1,000 Dispensaries Trust Baker

Baker works with a range of medical and adult-use dispensaries from long-standing dispensaries, to national brands, to community dispensaries.

Customer Testimonials


"I am so excited to have baker! We have been using a basic text marketing platform for years and I just can't believe we were missing out on baker this whole time! This is the best all in one, easy to use system for our industry. Loyalty/menu/text rewards and more all in one platform! The people are amazing! We have had great, detailed training so we know how to use all the functionalities as well as continued support! We are so happy we switched to baker!"

Elements, Colorado


"Baker is an outstanding and robust platform that not only helps us communicate with our customers effectively, but adds an extra three team members to our staff in productivity. Our own website was overloaded and crashed on the morning of 4/20, our "Super Bowl", making our online menu and deals unavailable. A quick text to our customers with a link to the native Baker shopping page bailed us out of hot water! Customers' ability to peruse our menu, learn more about products, and place an accurate order reservation has increased our ability to serve customers rapidly. It's as if I have an additional team member speaking individually with customers before they've even come in!"

Infinite Wellness Center, Colorado


"We’ve already proven that if we invite people for a sale or exclusive they will come in droves and clog up the site. We made the equivalent of an entire previous week in sales in just one day after inviting less than 3,000 patients for an exclusive promotion."

Urban GreenHouse, Arizona


"Baker is the best tech in the cannabis industry. The platform has brought so much value to our brand, organization, and customers. More importantly, the entire Baker team is made up of brilliant, innovative people who are committed to our success. I can't imagine moving into the future without a partnership with Baker. They have worked alongside us at the forefront of change during the most challenging and rewarding moments of the year. We are so grateful for their trusted insight and dedication. In many ways, Baker enabled us to improve and take leadership in our Customer Relationship Management & Marketing. I recommend this service to any cannabis business."

Organic Green Treatment, California


"On-boarding with Baker was a seamless process! They provide thorough training for retention and weekly follow-up meetings to ensure success after launching. The Baker Team has been incredibly helpful and is always available through their in-app chat service, and if they are away, it never takes long to hear back. As a small company one of our main goals has been to utilize Baker for business growth, and with their custom reports we can easily track data on patient engagement. We'd highly recommend Baker's services to any dispensary looking to boost business!"

Canuvo, Maine


"We wanted to be able to offer our patients a convenient, user-friendly way to shop as so many of them are driving long distances to reach us. The Baker platform allows us to do just that. It is easy to use, syncs well with Leafly and most importantly, our patients love it!"

Mapleglen Care Center, Illinois 


"Bringing Baker on as a part of our marketing strategy has been a total win for us! The platform is user-friendly, making it easy to sign-up patients. Plus, the loyalty program and promos help support our customer retention. The support staff is knowledgeable, friendly and accessible. Overall, the Baker platform is a welcome addition!"

Green Valley Wellness, Oregon


"We love Baker! Thank you for always being available and offering the best support! Our customers wants and needs are met within one platform. Our staff loves how easy and streamline the online ordering process is. Happy to have made the change. Menus have never been easier. Ps....Our rep Caitlin has always made us feel special and cared for! She was great about teaching us how to get the most out of their application! What more could you ask for?!?"

Collective Awakenings, Oregon

Monarch Wellness Dispensary

"Baker has such phenomenal customer service! Whether it is a major issue or an admittedly silly question, Baker's reps are very quick to respond. Problems are fixed (or at least looked at) in an acceptable time frame and it just seems like everyone really cares about the service they are providing. That last part is very encouraging and appreciated!"

Monarch Wellness Center, AZ

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