October 2, 2017

Updates 10/2


  • 24 Hour Ordering Update: This project is in the final stages of testing. Everyone will be alerted via Product Updates email as soon as this feature goes live.


  • Connect Source Filter:  Source filter added to Provider, Producer & Chain connect tool
  • Add Customer/Hello tool:  Hello tool has been replaced with a stand alone cell capture for each provider.
  • Kitchen prep for upcoming Loyalty & Orders projects


  • Cell Collect interest drop down update to accomodate all site styles
  • Onfleet API update to accommodate changes the partner has made for integration
  • New QA environments 
  • Updated provisioning profile for Checkin app


  • Producer marketing number now functioning as a text to join number
  • New cart entry created on shop upon page refresh
  • Source field typo in Customer Card
  • Guest check out flow being blocked for med providers
  • When an order comes in from a new patient, incomplete Med/ID images are displaying for provider to verify
  • Cell Collect interest hover state causing issues when de-selecting an interest