October 20, 2017

Updates 10/20


Providers can now enable 24 hour ordering to allow users to place Pick up, Delivery and Shipping orders outside of business hours. 
  • Preferences - Business Info:  Option to enable 24hr ordering  in 'Hours' section, along with updates to hour input labels.
  • Preferences - Delivery Functionality: Choose simple delivery or delivery territories, and set Delivery Windows so a user may schedule a delivery outside of business hours
  • Preferences - Orders Functionality: New setting for elapsed time before an order is auto-archived from the Orders Dashboard based on fulfillment method
  • Kitchen - Orders Dashboard:  Delivery order time window displays at the top of the order pod.
  • Shop - Organic View:  Field added to dispensary info indicating providers accepting in addition to open/closed status
  • Shop - Orders: Users placing orders outside of business hours will see updated messaging at check out. Users placing delivery orders will have an additional step in order process to select a delivery window when applicable
  • Order Update SMS: 'Order Placed' SMS includes open time once order has been placed so the end user will know when to expect an update



  • Loyalty 2.0: Front end work completed
  • Event tracking and reporting flow for CSM Health Alerts
  • Read API work to be used initially for HHC Loyalty


  • MJFW & Treez Image CDN backfill ( duplicate menu images being created during sync)
  • New cart entry created on shop upon page refresh
  • Long product names overlap 'add to cart' button when featured on shop mobile view
  • Reset password spacing misaligned in iPhone Safari
  • Incomplete ID images displaying for medical delivery orders (Issue with ID images uploaded from Patient Intake)
  • 500 error page in password reset flow
  • User prescription and source incorrect for customers added via Cell Collect
  • Product details wiped from order pod after acceptance when order has over ~20 items
  • Cell Collect not sending welcome message
  • Unable to select med status on cell collect via 'add customer' unless incentive copy is set in preferences
  • Menu sync not updating from Greenbits
  • Prescheduled SMS & order alerts not sending


  • Loyalty 2.0: Continue backend work
  • Store Locator V1.2: Begin front end work
  • API 1.0: work for Loyalty 2.0 project
  • Snowflake integration:  Native Roots  requirement for Loyalty 2.0 project
  • CSM Health Alerts:  final features to be compelted this sprint
  • User/Userlead lookup & delete for Baker admins https://trello.com/c/PTvDzOQt 
  • Full user data export capability including images https://trello.com/c/fYvacgFE

SPRINT 10/18-11/1 BUGS