March 29, 2017

Sprint 3/29


  • Fixed id verification view cropping
  • OnFleet event notifications on production now updating order status in Baker Dashboard
  • $0 orders bug fixed

Admin Outreach Center

  • SiteUser center updated to use server side pagination and caching. Performance greatly improved


  • Various connect reliability fixes


  • Customer Center layout fixes preventing interaction while processing records
  • Customer Center - ability so save med card expiration date for users


  • Guests can now create account through normal sign up flow instead of just after placing a guest order
  • Refactored order flow that fixed a couple of order and checkout bugs
  • Store sidebar hours no longer cutting off minutes. Now showing close time instead of last order time.
  • Make user log in if linking to receipt and not logged in. Go home/to storefront if the exit the signin modal.
  • Refactored how cart saving works when creating/updating carts and adding products
  • Added some event tracking
  • Added line clamping throughout the app
  • Product strain data includes CBD/THC
  • Product Pricing now includes cents when appropriate
  • Added a URL param for a fixed height header on embed
  • (From Prefs) Providers can use their existing widget preference to toggle list view (only on their embedded experience)

Inventory Management

  • Front end inventory management MVP


  • Bunch of random bug fixes and refactoring/cleanup
  • Created a Terms and Conditions page with no linkage to other provider pages
  • Cleanup of unused CSS selectors
  • Bug fixes. Mostly related to embed