April 12, 2017

Sprint 4/11

Shop - Loyalty!

  • When logged in, you can now view programs/rewards from shops you've shopped or checked in at
  • When logged out, can only view programs/rewards when locked into a provider or brand (we'll be adding a way to view any shop's program/rewards soon)
  • Ability to redeem rewards from Shop (so long as provider is open)

Shop - New Functions

  • Real time product search now searches product title and description
  • Now using provider name, description, and listing image for meta tags on a locked in URL (replacing the Baker default items)
  • Using the dispensary's listing photo as the URL preview image in iMessage texts
  • UI and UX added to support users attempting to view a previously filled cart after the store hours have ended
  • UX added to support users attempting to view a previously filled cart after the provider has become unavailable for online orders
  • The user avatar in the header on desktop links to the profile page
  • Linking directly to a category on desktop will scroll to that category on desktop (this is when using `/shop/140/CATEGORY`
    • Not to be confused with the URL param `category=CATEGORY` that locks the user in
  • Removed “offers” copy before provider filters

Shop - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with users getting stuck on unverified user page during order flow when their number was manually verified by a Baker admin
  • Fixed bug where fulfillment options were getting cleared when the provider cancelled the order in the kitchen
  • Age gate no longer flashes for a logged in user during app initialization
  • Fixed the phone input in sign in flow from entering the user input in the wrong order on samsung devices
  • Fixed a bug where trying to create an account after entering a known phone number and going back would prompt for a password
  • Fixed an issue where filter chips would appear in all caps


  • SMS copy updates for providers marked as ‘Coming Soon’
  • SMS copy update for the reset password SMS link


  • Leafly provider’s can now choose whether product image, description, or subclass get overridden on menu sync
  • MJFreeway product images will now be uploaded to Cloudinary to bring us into compliance with MJF API specifications


  • Improved performance of provider list.
  • OnFleet - Include unit, promo pricing, tax and delivery fees in OnFleet task
  • Order Dash - Fixed order dash freezing bug