May 15, 2017

Updates 5/15


  • Added new "Has visited since..." and "Has not visited since..." options in connect last visit filter

  • Product descriptions now support HTML tags

  • Updated Terms and Conditions

  • Added an alert banner for Oregon users to check the T&C this will only appear to signed in users with their state of residence set to OR, who signed up before the T&C were updated

  • Added git hook for parsing and segmenting changelog files

  • URL Generator tool went live - This is for generating a Shop URL with any URL params selected for a given provider. Clients should still be using a shortened URL, but you can generate the URL to shortened here. For internal use only until a client facing spec is figured out. It lives in the admin tools at You must be logged in as an admin to use it. Any bugs with it should be logged in Bug Reports as per usual, with a _urlgenerator tag. 

  • Ongoing work on Primeup partner, MJF + HHC, Plivo SMS integration, Producer Center, Print Menu, and app loading speed enhancements






  • #144871605 - Product images on grid items below the desktop threshold with have proper source dimensions.

  • #141446041 - Now showing error modal when requesting password reset without entering phone number.

  • #144828097 - Fix for missing URL in widget embed code in preferences

  • #144703187 - Points not displaying in customer center. Fixed security settings

  • #144875627 - Fixed issue causing trouble creating provider checkin stations/raffles

  • #144868037 - Fixed an issue causing the 'Order Placed' confirmation message to be sent twice for providers using MJFreeway

  • #144559937 - Fixed a bug causing the new user welcome email to send a broken URL

  • #144896569 - Now checking for phone number before trying to display for loyalty reward redemptions. This was causing an issue that made it look like Giving Tree rewards were coming up in the wrong provider.

  • #145145703 - Fixed issue where cart products were duplicated when selecting delivery from pickup

  • #144499927 - Phone number inputs in checkout will appear invalid if they contain non-numerical characters
  • #144318285 - Carts updated from trying to place an order of an out of stock item will update the edit cart section's items on desktop

  • #144499229 - Expanding the category dropdown will push the menu down so it won't cover up items

  • Fixed bug that would not let a user select pickup after selecting delivery

  • #144967279 - Improved user/lead merge on user creation to eliminate duplicate accounts in customer center

  • Fixed issue where Shop users were getting identified in Intercom