May 31, 2017

Updates 5/31


  • Made performance optimizations to Provider Search to load up provider list quicker on page load
  • Print menu updates - THC, CBD, SAT, and IND information will be displayed now. Updated the category order to match Shop's
  • Locking to a partner - partner=2 can be used to lock in to a partner (Primeup's ID is 2). It will limit the provider search to only show providers associated with that partner, and show brand colors.
  • 'Direct to category' route option added to URL Generator
  • Restored the SMS Link Preview Functionality
  • Added links to T&C in sign in flow and guest checkout
  • Paginated menus this should help with the larger menus making the page unresponsive


  • New embed without iFrames 🙌🏼
  • Tiered pricing providers can now create pricing tiers and apply tier pricing to flower products via the Add/Edit Product modal. Providers who use MJF will have a tier automatically assigned to their flower products if a matching price is found for an eighth
  • Bulk discounts providers can now enable bulk pricing discounts IF they have pricing tiers enabled. Bulk discounts will provide customers with discounts for purchasing larger quantities of flower products
  • Bulk discounts on email receipt if an order qualifies for a bulk discount, this will be noted on the email receipt
  • MJF order sources Provider’s using MJF will now have online orders pushed into the pickup and delivery queues depending on what fulfillment option the customer selected.



  • Primeup API endpoints
  • Primeup front end - Added DOB and Gender inputs on the profile page. Users coming from a link generated for Primeup will log the user in to a guest account.
  • Shop updates - to spec for Phase 1



  • #144306621 - added support for backfilling patients from MJFreeway as (guest) Users or UserLeads in our system depending on how much information is provided.
  • #145476019 - added thca content field as an editable field in the product modal in the kitchen menu
  • #144534395 - fixed issue where customer alert prefs were not getting saved after checkins
  • #145450093 - Messaging from new order screen no longer breaks acceptance logic
  • #144875627 - Now able to save new checkins/raffles
  • #144703187 - Lead point totals should now be showing correct
  • #145568903 - Tax is calculated on the discounted cost when promos are applied (also fixed an issue where it wouldn't be added to the total, or appear as a penny added)
  • #145228935 - Fixed some formatting issues on print menu
  • #142998625 - DOB no longer uses the native date picker input field. We replaced with a bootstrap datepicker component.
  • #145453037 - Terms and Conditions updated with Baker Technologies Inc instead of Baker Technologies LLC.
  • Reversed change that was not allowing new users to check in
  • #146039577 - request promos separately from menu for partner promos
  • #145737035 - Disabled phone input formatting
  • #145872941 - Default list layout respected for any lock in
  • #145958855 related - Increased debounce for product searches
  • #145958855 related - Disabled the dots loader for performance reasons
  • #145649873 - Labels less than 8 letters that aren't 'unit' will appear in print menu
  • #145975187 - Switching providers from the 'Other Locations' link in the provider info will have a loading animation
  • #145730295 - Some leads were being omitted from customer center due to having opted out of sms marketing