May 4, 2017

Updates 5/4

producer center

  • Producer Checkin Center - Producers can now provision their event Checkin devices directly on a dedicated kitchen:

  • Producer Connect Center - full filter parity with Provider Connect, plus pre-scheduled messaging and message analytics:

  • Producer Preferences - preferences for admin users, Connect, and Checkin:


  • Preferences - Added a toggle for switching between grid and list view on menus - for widget links (widget=true) this will respect a provider's preference for defaulting to list view. If a provider's setting is set to grid, it will still default to list view for users on devices that aren't wide enough for at least two items on a row. This means you'll still see a list view for all mobile devices, with the exception of larger phones in portrait mode. For organic experiences we still use the regular desktop/mobile to set the default. If the user changes the view type, that choice will override any provider setting / desktop / mobile setting.

  • Shop - Product filters that would result in 0 items are not shown - this includes things like Feaured, THC % known, Weights, etc.

  • Shop - The "DotsLoader" animation is back, showing when images are loading on the page

  • Shop - Guest users can now create an account with just a password - when a guest user attempts to sign up, they will only be asked for a password instead of name and email as before

  • Shop - Membership Agreement requirement step in checkout This can be enabled by going into provider settings and setting something in the "Membership Agreement" field. If the agreement changes and the provider needs users to sign it again, they can check the box below that field and hit save.

  • Shop - Partial UX from original inventory management spec - i.e. “X left in stock” warnings, and disabling the quantity increase button when appropriate

  • Shop - Added a ‘Featured’ filter for products

  • URL parameter for product filters See the URL params doc for more info

  • The "hideProviderInfo" URL param will hide the entire sidebar on desktop
  • Weighted inventory control

  • Added support for extra fields from MJFreeway - some provider's have been using the 'Extra Fields' section in MJFreeway to store specific product information (manufacturer, regular price, plant type, etc...). This information is now stored in the database when we perform a menu sync.


    Bug FIXES

  • #144490503 - Product stock level will account for products already in the cart (Note: the "X left in stock" copy will still be the actual stock level, but the user won't be able to add past the stock level after already adding something to their cart).

  • #144117217 - Optimized and centered the user avatar image in the mobile sidebar

  • #144811983 - Promo Banner qty limit should be consistent and accurate

  • 144545043 - Provider business website was missing from their info

  • #144541521 - Deleted rewards no longer being shown on app

  • #143343049 - Fixed bug that sometimes broke app when trying to view a product from a global product search, on mobile, where the product had a different prescription than the current browsing prescription

  • #144250625 - Customer notes on an order won’t get lost if the user is dropped into the checkout flow

  • #144828735 - Loading feedback when requesting authentication during the checkout process is fixed

  • #144828779 - Fixed sorting by price