June 22, 2017

Updates 6/22


  • Cell Collect  - Live for both producers and providers


  • Custom first-time points magnifier  - Customize the first time checkin points magnifier by day, in Preferences
  • Ability to disable points magnifier for initial checkin
  • Ability to provision individual phone numbers for provider transactional texts



  • Email receipt now showing taxes
  • Added recipient name and phone number to OnFleet tasks
  • Shop: Updated 'Load more' button styles
  • Locking a provider to a search term URL param lockedToSearch will only show products matching the search term
  • Hiding provider list/chain sidebar URL param hideSidebar will hide the sidebar on the chain view. Note that this param includes the hideProviderInfo functionality too.



  • Fixed bug for Checkin custom interest labels
  • #146878041 (front-end board) - Fixed overlapping content on PDC
  • #147036101 - Category bar won't appear in headroom on provider list
  • #147288351 Delivery process and orders not working properly
  • Initial customer notes and delivery address now showing as sent by user as opposed to being sent by the provider
  • #146620885 Better treatment of verified order duplicates
  • #143197581 Hide sync settings when showing a Baker menu
  • Fixed issue where editing an alert contact or admin user scrolled the page to the top each time a modal is opened in kitchen preferences
  • #147450297 Provider open times will account for today's time, instead of looking at tomorrow's
  • #141914573 Providers with a closing time of 12am will read 12am instead of 0am
  • Fixed bug where providers could not save event checkins