July 19, 2017

Updates 7/17


  • Store Locator  - Pushed for Dixie on 7/13, with project complete yesterday and ready for internatal training then client release.
    • The Producer/Provider association matrix will go live on Thursday
    • The remaining Producer Center additions for this spec, including Connect filters and new Activity types, will be complete by early next week.



  • Locking a provider to a search term URL param lockedToSearch will only show products matching the search term
  • Hiding provider list/chain sidebar URL param hideSidebar will hide the sidebar on the chain view. Note that this param includes the hideProviderInfo functionality too.



  • Providers can now use the "hide product pricing" preference. This will also display products without pricing.



  • #147450297 Provider open times will account for today's time, instead of looking at tomorrow's
  • #141914573 Providers with a closing time of 12am will read 12am instead of 0am
  • Fixed bug where providers could not save event checkins
  • Rolled GreenBits integration back
  • #145736217 Honoring Checkin Custom SMS copy and URL even when provider in coming soon state.
  • Order pod fix where mobile users could not type customer order pod messages correctly
  • #143628761 Customer Card closing on its own
  • #145736217 Custom URL added to Loyalty Checkin SMS not being sent
  • #148158719 Do not send SMS messages to our own numbers
  • #147886069 promos appear on receipt, totals calculated accordingly